Reporter Looks at Bid Book, Urges Us Not to Believe Crap

Ben Joravsky, the political reporter for The Reader, took a look at the 2016 Committee’s Bid Book and came way skeptical.  Headlined “The $10.5 Million Mascot,” Ben fumes ”

With its 300-plus pages of bright pictures and cheery quotes, the bid paints a picture of a city free from potholes, budget deficits, CTA meltdowns, murders, school cuts, and politicians on the take—a town of happy folk who adore their mayor and yearn to host the games. “The athletes’ presence at the heart of the Games will inspire us all,” the bid reads. “We will feel their spirit. We will share their dreams. We will celebrate their achievements.”Look—I know the whole point is to spin the International Olympic Committee. But people, we live here! We shouldn’t be falling for this crap.

He asks the same questions we at No Games have been asking and shows the same stubborn desire for facts, not the b.s. that the 2016 Committee has been serving up. He concludes:

Still, not everything in the bid document is off the mark. Chicago, it notes, has “a strong and coordinated political structure.” I’ll say—so much so that no political or business leaders have uttered a peep about the many inconsistent and troubling parts of this bid. The civic community, the City Council, Governor Pat Quinn, Senator Richard Durbin, the General Assembly, even President Obama—all of them either believe what the mayor says about cost and risks or they’re too chicken to speak up. Frankly, I’m not sure which would be worse.


3 responses to “Reporter Looks at Bid Book, Urges Us Not to Believe Crap

  1. There should be no way in the world that Mayor Daley should be allowed to bully this city into accepting a losing concept like the olympics. He can’t even keep up with the potholes! We don’t need 6 overpaid union guys swinging shovels to fill one pothole! But this is how Daley pays his patronage army with our money. Just because he thinks he can tell you where to smoke, what to eat, where to use your cell phone, etc. Doesn’t really make him the king he thinks he is. Impeach and/or indict this crooked son of a bigger crook!

  2. It is ashame there are ignorant groups that believe the 2016 Olympics should not come to Chicago because there are potholes! I am all for playing devils advocate, and believe opposition promotes the common good, HOWEVER, rallying and protesting in front of the IOC is quite distasteful. There are much better ways to voice opposition.

  3. I hope this rally will show King Daley that we are sick of him, his administration, his bullshit, and may this rally be the beginning of the end of this tyrants rule. We stuck Al Sanchez in jail today, and State’s Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is getting closer and closer to the ultimate prize and that is to stick that fat pig Daley in jail where he so rightly belongs. Go Fitzgerald and speak up folks at the rally and tell the IOC commitee that the games do not belong here. Tell them the free condos the King is offering you guys are great but tell him no thanks will you!

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