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Rally & March April 2 – Shut Down the Olympic Bid!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Say ‘NO’ to the Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid

5pm, Federal Plaza (50 W. Adams)
The International Olympic Committee will be in town from April 2-8th to evaluate
Chicago’s potential as a Host City for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Let them know
that Chicago 2016 does not speak for the people of Chicago. Let them know that
Chicagoans have other priorities. Let them hear your voice.


We need Better Hospitals, Housing, Schools, and Trains — Not Olympic Games.
They Play and We Pay. NO GAMES!

For more information email or call 312.235.2873
On the web:
NO GAMES: Chicago on Facebook

Chicago Tribune documents rush improvements to Washington Park as city crumbles.


We Need Your Support!

Donate now!
They have $40 million to dupe Chicago into approving the games. Click here to donate to No Games via PayPal. We’d like to take an ad out in the Sun-Times, print up flyers, rent sound equipment for a rally, pay for a direct mailling and send a videographer to Vancouver to interview people who know that the lies being told to us were the same lies told to them. Contributions are not tax deductible at this time. Thank you!

Cartoon Explains It All

daley_plansClick over to

Vancouver Olympic Nightmare Entirely Avoidable!


Talk about buyer’s remorse! The cost of the 2010 winter games in Vancouver are spiralling out of control. The 2016 Committee says it will only cost $4 billion + to do the larger summer games seven years from now. Can’t you just see that screaming headlines “2016 Games – $10 Billion and Rising.” Wake up, Chicago – cancel this ticket before the city is buried in Olympic sized debt for the next 30 years!

Gov Says “OK” to $250 Million for Games

Chicago 2016 wants the State of Illinois to increase its financial guarantee for Chicago’s 2016 Summer Olympic Games bid. Bid officials want the state to increase its financial guarantee from the $150 million in taxpayer funds pledged in 2007 by former Governor Rod Blagojevich to $250 million, reports CBS Chicago. And the Governor has agreed. The Chicago Tribune adds to the story reporting that the Mayor says “So, what we have to do, we have to go locally and state and try to get a guarantee, whihc is really important.”

That’s a total of $880 million in public money that is already committed to the games. $250 million from the state. $500 million from the city. $85 million from the city to buy the site for the village and another $45 million for security. All this is for starters. Remember, the London summer games are $9 billion over budget right now.

Meanwhile 23% of all Illinois school districts in 2008 were running deficits – spending more than they bring in. Call the Governor and tell him to use our tax dollars for the public good – like fixing our roads, improving our mass transit, hiring more teachers, opening health clinics – mundane things like that.

The Governor can be reached at 217-782-6830 and 312-814-2121.

Olympic Event Ticket Prices Sky-High!

Ticket prices for the proposed 2016 Olympic Games will truly be Olympia, according to the Chicago Tribune. You’ll have to shell out between $520 to $1,645 for the Opening Ceremony and pay $28 to $486 for “prime events.”  Come on, Chicago, wise up. These games will bankrupt us. But if you can afford $1,645 for a ticket to a show, then maybe you’re not worried about the mountains of debt our city will incur while our schools, clinics, roads and parks crumble and close.


Giving the Gold, Going for the Gold

Crain’s Chicago Business chronicled the big donors to the 2016 Olympic Committee. Surprise, the list is full of firms and Fat Cats who do millions of dollars of business with the city.  Download the article (Word file).