We Need Your Support!

Donate now!
They have $40 million to dupe Chicago into approving the games. Click here to donate to No Games via PayPal. We’d like to take an ad out in the Sun-Times, print up flyers, rent sound equipment for a rally, pay for a direct mailling and send a videographer to Vancouver to interview people who know that the lies being told to us were the same lies told to them. Contributions are not tax deductible at this time. Thank you!

3 responses to “We Need Your Support!

  1. Umm..

    I have one question.

    You can win?

    It’s mean Chicago 2016 fail.

    So. I can give money.

  2. Don’t agree at all. Bring on the 2016 Olympics.
    It will be great for Chicago.

  3. If you object to the Olympic games so much, why don’t you submit you and all of your supporters’ addresses to the city. That way, when the estimated $22 billion in revenue comes in from the games, you and your pals don’t need to reap the benefits. While you’re at it, why don’t you all move out of this country, since a 2016 Chicago Olympics represents the entire USA, instead of Spain, Japan, or Brazil. Oh yeah, and since this is the very first time Chicago has ever had an opportunity to hold THE finest sporting event in the world, maybe you guys could just pack your bags and be gone when the world’s eyes are upon us. The rest of us loyal patriotic Chicagoans will enjoy hosting the athletes and fans of the world, and we don’t need your whiney asses here cramping our style. Change your name too–instead of nogames, try nopride instead.

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