Text no2016 to 66937

Join the No Games Mobile Alert Crew!

Text no2016 to 66937phone-texting

You’ll get a message back from us asking to confirm your joining our group.

You reply with a Y.

You’ll get a second welcoming message. Standard rates apply.

We’ll use this service to send you real-time updates on news and actions around No Games Chicago!

2 responses to “Text no2016 to 66937

  1. You guys are so pathetic… Don’t you know if the olympics come here, the government will give the city money to put into schools, clean up the city, and rid it of some of the riffraff… GET A LIFE!

  2. Chicago did not make it past the first elimination round thank GOD.

    With all the violent crime in Chicago Land who wants to go there for the Games.

    Rio is no better with their poor record of street children getting high sniffing paint fumes and selling themselves and living in the sewer pipes.

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