Wise Man Says Olympics “An Illusion”

Leon Depres was fighting city hall before most of us were born. The 101-year old former dean of the independent alderman took some time to give us the wisdom of his decades of dealing with the Daley machine, “Hosting the Olympics,” he says, “is an illusion.” One that will help a few businessmen and hurt the rest of the city. Listen…



One response to “Wise Man Says Olympics “An Illusion”

  1. I am sure Mr. Depres is well meaning, but he is misinformed. Chicago’s Olympic stadium will be mainly temporary, thus it will not be a white elephant like Athens and Beijing. He fails to grasp that Chicago’s bid relies heavily on existing and temporary venues.

    One can question the legacy of a Chicago Olympics, but at least know the proposals before you are “against” them.

    Maybe I will stop by a local nursing home tonight, and ask what they think about a topic they really don’t know about – because that is basically what you just posted.

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