No Games Meets With IOC!

Members of No Games Chicago met today at the Fairmont Hotel with six representatives of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Tuesday afternnon. Following a number of actions aimed at pressuring the IOC to take note of community disapproval of the bid, the thirty minute meeting occurred on the last day of the IOC’s review of Chicago as potential host city. As Lori Healy and Arnold Randall of the Chicago 2016 Bid Committee silently observed as Bob Quellos of No Games Chicago and Willie JR Fleming of the Olympic Project for Human Rights at Chicago discussed the poor economic situation Chicago is in as a potential host city, with astronomical budget deficits on the city and state levels. In addition, the notorious and publicly embarrassing corruption at various levels of Chicago and Illinois politics were discussed, as well as the long history of the mismanagement and cost overruns related to mega-construction projects, including Millennium Park, the Block 37 “super-station,” the CHA Plan for Transformation, Soldier Field, and more. No Games concluded their presentation by urging the IOC to read and consider Chicago Reader journalist Ben Joravsky’s “An Open Letter to the IOC.” The IOC representatives reportedly promised to read the article, listened intently, took copious notes and were very appreciative of the information shared. Also present were two members of Housing Bronzeville.


6 responses to “No Games Meets With IOC!

  1. Good job, guys. Hope you’ll have at least planted a seed of doubt in their minds.

  2. Congrats, I hope these people listened to you!

  3. Wow – this is amazing. Congrats, and keep up the great work!

  4. Chicago 2016 could generate revenue and drum up support by selling a t-shirt with the slogan: “I went to Chicago in 2016 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt “.Instead of rings, it would have interlocking teardrops.
    No Games could have its own version,but smiley faces replace the rings.
    Both would retail for $ 20.16.

  5. I greatly respect the opinions of those who oppose Chicago being the Host City for the 2016 Olympic Games, but I passionately disagree with them.

    First of all, for the record, I am not a paid consultant, vendor, contractor or sub contractor on anything having to do with the Olympics.

    Secondly, there is no doubt that there will be those who make profits as a result of us getting the games, but the benefits for the city and country as a whole outweigh the costs, nor should we be concerned and consumed with the idea that some will profit. At the same time we must be careful to minimize any harm to anyone.

    The probability of Barack Obama being re-elected in 2012 despite the economic challenges he inherited ( and which will probably not be overcome by then), means that the Olympics will be held in the last year of his Presidency.

    For those who cherish the ideal of world peace, having the Olympics here in Chicago with our first African American President whose career was born and matured in this city harkens back as a complete reversal of the Berlin Olympics of 1936, which did have one great highlight: the victories of black Chicagoans Jesse Owens and Ralph Metcalfe.

    Sullivan and Burnham, Pritzker and Driehaus, Ying and Yang, the Columbian Exposition and the 2016 Olympics. Make no small plans!

    And by the way, due to both pre and post game tourism, of benefit to every region of our nation, you can be sure that a large portion of the funding will ultimately come from the feds in legal ways which will have long term benefits.

    As effectively as I can I am spending as much of my time between now and October pushing for the games for Chicago and hoping that Mayor Daley and the 2016 Committee listen carefully to the critics and act upon their legitimate concerns. With the watchful eyes of Forrest Claypool, Toni Preckwinkle, Mike Quigley and others I am sure that the 2016 Games will be among the best.

    I hope the naysayers do not win, but their strong points heeded.

  6. Phil: Do you live in Chicago? If so, have you written checks yet to the city and state to cover the legislated financial guarantees and to demonstrate your support with self sacrifice?

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