City Services Crumble, So Citizens DIY

Citizens are tired of waiting for the city to do its job of taking care of essential services and are taking matters in their own hands. A recent article in the Tribune documents a DIY road repair effort!


Neighbors take to the street: Chicago wasn’t patching potholes, so West Sider’s became a DIY road crew. Austin residents buy some concrete mix and plug holes in the road

Do you have gaping potholes on your street and feel the city is not fixing them quickly enough? How about patching them yourself?

That’s what a group of residents on Chicago’s West Side did Wednesday. Members of the South Austin Coalition bought eight bags of a pavement mix for about $100 and used shovels, rakes and a 250-pound push roller to fill 15 holes on the 4800 block of West Van Buren Street.

“The city’s not doing it, so residents need to take the matter into their own hands,” said Elce Redmond, an organizer with the coalition.

The group’s members hope their efforts will shame the city into repairing neighborhood side streets and inspire other residents to band together and patch their own blocks. They also hope residents will create a citywide Pothole Repair Day.

What’s next, do it yourself law enforcement? Do it yourself health care? Do it your self trash removal? Demand that the city tend to its business. Say NO to the Olympics and YES to essential city services!


One response to “City Services Crumble, So Citizens DIY

  1. I found it interesting in one article, city officials just seemed to ‘smirk’ at the do-it-yourself work.

    One guy said the stuff the neighborhood used for the patchwork did not match the ‘quality’ of what the city normally uses.

    Well, maybe if the city used their ‘quality materials.’

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