Mayor Orders Olympic Branding Police to Monitor Entire City

Not only has the city and pledged hundreds of millions to the games, not only are we  promising to destroy priceless public parks and turn acres of land and lakefront over to a private organization, not only are we writing a blank check for security for the games, not only have we spent $86 million we don’t have to buy a hospital – but – we have also pledged to create a “Brand Protection Commission” to monitor all things in the city of Chicago to ensure that the IOC is not ripped off.

This is not fiction. This is an Executive Order signed by Mayor Daley:

WHEREAS, in the City of Chicago Olympic Approvals Ordinance, enacted by an act of the City of Chicago City Council on January 13, 2009, the City Council authorized the Mayor to appoint members to an Olympic Brand Protection Commission to assist the Chicago Organizing Committee for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games (hereafter “CHICOG”) in protecting the Olympic and Paralympic marks and preventing ambush marketing at the 2016 Games;

Develop and recommend to the City Council supplemental legislation in order to address brand protection and ambush marketing during the Games Period, including legislation to address street vending, ticket scalping, signage, zoning, traffic and parking and to provide supplemental penalties for violations of existing legislation (including injunctive relief and/or fines), to be presented to the City Council for passage no later than January 1,2014.

We don’t want to be monitored by a Brand Prtoection Commission. They would probably sue us to take down this site.  Say “NO!” to the 2016 Olympic bid and tell the Mayor to monitor the corruption, incompetence, rip offs, self-dealing, privatizations and service cuts that are plaguing this great city. Download the Executive Order.


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