As Predicted, 2016 Committee Touts Coercion-Driven Olympic Week

A press release from the 2016 Committee dated May 1 boasts that an “Unprecedented Chicago-Area Participation Expected for Olympic Week in America.”  The press release goes on:

More than 230,000 Chicago-area students and 15,000 teachers are gearing up for Olympic Week in America, which will take place next week, May 4–May 8. The 700 percent increase in participation over last year reflects the high level of enthusiasm for the Olympic Movement in the final months of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Games.

We think it is more accurate to say that the so-called “700 percent increase in participation” is due to the 2016 Committee ORDERING it via CPS Board President’s instructions to all public school teachers as documented in the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post.

We demand that our public schools focus on facts not propaganda and that the 2016 Committee keeps its hands OFF our school children.  We ask  that the press boycott any stories manufactured by the 2016 Committee that uses school children as props for support for the 2016 Olympics.


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