Public Schools Face $475 Million Deficit, City an Additional $300 Million

As reported in Catalyst, which covers Chicago’s education scene…

With a looming $475 million deficit, central office is abuzz with rumors of impending layoffs this month. Today, a CPS spokeswoman confirms that layoffs are “anticipated,” but declined to say when they would occur.

Such steps are in line with what is happening at City Hall, where Mayor Richard Daley announced drastic cost-cutting measures, including 14-day furloughs for non-union employees, were in the works to offset its $300 million deficit.

How in the name of chalk dust, wax milk cartons and fish sticks (fond memories of this blogger’s childhood in the public schools) can Chicago front $500 million for the 2016 Olympics and the state come up with an additional $250 million when our schools are in such a dire situation?


2 responses to “Public Schools Face $475 Million Deficit, City an Additional $300 Million

  1. Schools should devise learning strategies that will allow students to instantly comprehend and retain information ; and that isn’t dependent on money. For example, to get the real story on any subject,approach it like a newspaper reporter.Ask who,what,when,where,why and how.When these questions are answered,you probably know the material through and through and can pass any test.Don’t take my word for it,try it yourself on some dreaded drudgery of a subject you don’t understand.

  2. Re: James Reyes

    What kind of bone headed statement are you trying to get across? The right wing Republican Mayor Daley and his staff fights for the Olympics, but can’t find funding for the education of children and their futures. He wants a first class city, but children to have third world educational institutions. People in this city should stop drinking the Daley kool-aid and become critical thinkers!

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