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No Games Opens Online Library – News You Can Use


No Games Online Library

No Games Chicago has creatred a new section of its web site, “Important Documents,” where you can link to and download important reference material about the 2016 Committee, No Games Chicago and the Olympics. You will find the proposed legislation that would cap Chicago’s Olympic waste at $500 million, the secret briefing material that was given to Alderman  last week, our own “Book of Evidence” that we delivered to the IOC in  Switzerland, research on the Olympics and more.

If you’d like to suggest materal for online library, please email us at


Alderman Flores To Introduce Legislation to Reaffirm Cap on Chicago’s Financial Guarantee for the 2016 Olympic Games

From the Alderman’s press release:

“At the June 30, 2009 City Council Meeting, Alderman Manny Flores (1st) along with other City Council members, will move forward with legislation to reaffirm the City’s $500,000,000 cap on a financial guarantee for the 2016 Olympic Games. The ordinance reaffirms legislation previously approved by the City Council on March 14, 2007 and January 13, 2009.

After the ordinance is introduced at the Chicago City Council Meeting, the legislation will be referred to the City Council Finance Committee for consideration.

For more information regarding this legislation, please contact Alderman Flores’ office at (773) 278-0101.”

Download the draft of the proposed ordinance here.



Mayor Flip Flops on Blank Check – Come Clean, Mr. Mayor!

As reported in the Chicago Tribune:

If confusing political spin was an Olympic event, Mayor Richard Daley would be in line for a gold medal following his attempt Friday to explain whether he’s putting taxpayers on the hook for the 2016 Summer Games.

The mayor’s first public appearance in Chicago since meeting with Olympic officials in Switzerland last week turned into an often bewildering news conference. At issue was his surprise decision to reverse course and tell the International Olympic Committee his city would take full financial responsibility if it wins the Games.

Daley aides and members of Chicago’s Olympics bid team spent all week explaining why the mayor’s about-face was necessary and seeking to dampen the political firestorm it created.

But on Friday, Daley offered muddled and conflicting versions of his pledge to sign the standard Olympics contract in a bid to win the Games.


Paper Asks “Why Should Anyone Believe” Mayor and 2016 Committee

Chicago_Journal-bannerThe editorial in the June 25 edition of the Chicago Journal minces no words on the Mayor’s pledge to write a blank check to the IOC…

The Daley Administration and its lackeys in the local Olympic organizing committee have repeatedly promised that no public money would be spent putting on a 2016 Olympiad here.

“Taxpayer money is not being used for the games,” John Murray, chief of bid operations for Chicago 2016, told us last year.

Well, no. That hasn’t been true for a while now. Shame on anyone for pretending otherwise.

Even before the mayor promised International Olympic Committee bigwigs that Chicago would sign the standard IOC contract, putting taxpayer money on the line for all cost overruns, the city council spent $86 million to buy the Michael Reese site for an Olympic Village and offered up $500 million in guarantees for operating overruns. TIF bucks are on the plate, too.

Why should anyone believe anything the mayor and Chicago 2016 have to say about the Olympics? They’re incapable of honestly laying out all the true costs and arguing for the project on its merits. They obfuscate and dissemble. They lie.

We agree. No Games Chicago has been saying this all along. “They play and we’ll pay” – that’s what the games are all about. We could’ve told the Aldermen that it’s all or nothing with the IOC. They hold all the cards and we put in all the chips. TELL YOUR ALDERMAN – ‘NO OLYMPICS! NO BLANK CHECK!” **CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR ALDERMAN**

No Games Story on “Inside the Games” News Site

Inside_GamesInside the Games is a news site on the business of the Olympics. Read the account of one of the Swiss Mission travelers –
Why We Do Not Want Chicago to Host the 2016 Olympics.”

Cook County Commissioner Starts Legal Action x Mayor Daley!

Mayor’s Action Were ‘Unilateral, Without Authority’ and Without City Council Approval

CHICAGO, IL — Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica today requested that Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez and Attorney General Lisa Madigan initiate quo warranto proceedings against Mayor Richard M. Daley for committing the taxpayers as guarantors for the cost of the Chicago 2016 Olympic Games.
“I am taking this action on behalf of the taxpayers in response to Mayor Daley’s actions – which were unilateral, without express authority, and without approval from the city council,” said Peraica. “Like most people, I am a fan of the Olympic games, but not if they leave the taxpayers on the hook for a huge price tag that wasn’t even approved by the city council.”
If the Attorney General or State’s Attorney do not respond to Peraica’s request within 30 days, he will petition the Circuit Court of Cook County for leave to file the quo warranto proceedings as an individual on behalf of the People of the State of Illinois. [Quo warranto for “by what warrant?”) is one of the prerogative writs, that requires the person to whom it is directed to show what authority he has for exercising some right or power (or “franchise“) he claims to hold.}
“As a Cook County Commissioner, I have a duty to protect the best interests of the people I represent in the 16th District,” said Peraica. “And right now, those people are hurting, looking for work, and wanting a government that spends their money legally and wisely.”
You can view the letter to Attorney General Lisa Madigan here:

View the letter to State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez here:

Will the City Tell Us The Truth?

Caution – deep hole ahead! Aldermen, demand the truth from the Mayor and the 2016 Committee! What is the total cost for producing the 2016 games in Chicago? Do your own verification of revenue projections – don’t believe the inflated claims of economic impact from the 2016 Committee. Demand a full explantion, in English a citizen without a finance degree can understand, of how the insurance policy against cost overruns is supposed to work.