Sun-Times Rips Bid – “Chicago doesn’t deserve Olympics”

Wow. Talk about an angry and heart-felt column. You’ve got to read  all of Rick Telander’s column today. The headline says it all:  “Chicago doesn’t deserve the 2016 Olympics. Blantly corrupt of simply stupid? City unworthy of 2016 games.”

There are times when you get sent to your room without dessert.

Without dinner, even.

This is such a time.

The City of Chicago, led by Mayor Daley and a vast and tumorous army of aldermen and bagmen and yesmen and opportunists and spineless, parasitic political-machine halfwits of forms never seen outside the roiling cesspool of governmental slop-trough greed, has proven itself unworthy of something as potentially delicious and fulfilling as the 2016 Olympic Games.

There was an opportunity there.

But the pitiful stuff just keeps on comin’, warnings be damned.

Best ever was the city parking meter deal that gave a private company the rights to all the quarters Chicago parkers can shove into sidewalk machines until 2084.

”Duh Mare,” who could still be in office in 2016, and his boys pushed that one through so fast it boggles the mind.

Forget the fact the city took an estimated $974 million less than what the 75 years worth of revenue was worth. Or the fact any fool can jack up meter rates and provide meters that don’t work.

The City Council rubber-stamped Daley’s idea for gaining some upfront whip-out cash.

When the machines didn’t work, Daley said … Hey, lay off. Does your own computer work all duh time?

The politics of pay-for-play and skimming and old-fashioned, suspender-snapping, cigar-chomping, big-bellied ”Where’s mine?” clout is so vibrant and alive and grotesquely arrogant here in Chicago that it is very nearly a breathing, slime-dripping creature worthy of a Star Wars-style nuclear assault.

There there must be ramifications for being blatantly corrupt and/or stupid.

There must be.

Put on a sporting display for the world in 2016?


It gets better. Thank you, Mr. Telander, for stating the truth so clearly and boldly. We hope the Mayor’s minions don’t visit you and that you continue to enjoy the use of all your limbs!


One response to “Sun-Times Rips Bid – “Chicago doesn’t deserve Olympics”

  1. If the Olympic Committee see this, they should be enlightened about a few things, such as: the high murder rate here (!), the suckass archaic public transportation system, the miserably hot, humid Summer weather and the blatant, projectile-vomit worthy corruption! Every construction fart that gets blown will have to be Union (translation: EXPEN$IVE). If they decide to choose Chicago, they are effin’ MORONS. This so NOT world-class city is jut plain NOT READY to host an Olympics at the present time!!!!!

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