Public Schools Cut 1,000 While City Build New Harbors for Olympics

As reported in the Chicago Sun-Times,

Up to 1,000 Chicago Public Schools non-classroom employees will lose their jobs this year under a reorganization to save $100 million.

About half the layoffs will hit central office — 27 percent of employees there — in the next two weeks, while another 500 will be cut from citywide positions over the next year, sources said.

Positions to be axed will be decided by a new executive team — many culled from the CTA and city government — introduced by new CEO Ron Huberman on Tuesday.

At the same time, the Chicago Tribune reports on plans for the construction of two new harbors to house up to 5,000 boats.

Plans for both projects were announced in 2007, when park officials estimated the cost of the 31st Street project at about $42 million and the Gateway project at $24 million. They now estimate the 31st Street project will cost $75 million, and the Gateway project about $35 million.

Last month, park officials agreed to pay up to $3.7 million to URS Corp. to manage construction. Bidding on the construction contracts is expected this winter. Rejman said the Park District won $3.1 million in federal grant money earmarked for projects that benefit short-stay boaters. Revenue bonds will finance construction, with mooring fees expected to cover ongoing costs, parks officials say.

Fees vary by harbor and Gateway “will be among the higher priced of our harbors,” Rejman said. “We think this harbor’s going to do really well.” Hooper said he recently paid more than $10,500 for a 60-foot slip with some amenities in DuSable Harbor.

The new harbors will be needed to handle the 1,600 boaters who may be displaced from other harbors by the Olympics, he said.

Mr. Mayor, we’re glad your priorities are so clear. Chop staff (they SAY no teachers will be cut – don’t believe it) from the public schools while you build marinas to serve the needs of the Olympic games.


2 responses to “Public Schools Cut 1,000 While City Build New Harbors for Olympics

  1. why the no games link up with the local Hip Hop artist as well as the young people to show how the olympics will effect the black community, as well as poor communities ova all?

  2. f**k u daley u crooked bast***!

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