We Visit IOC Headquarters

No Games representatives meet the press at IOC HQ!

No Games representatives meet the press at IOC HQ!

Three delegates from No Games Chicago went to the world headquarters of the International Olympic Committee this evening in Lausanne, Switzerland.
We came with copies of our “Book of Evidence”which has 160 pages of news reports and articles from the  past five years backing up our four main reasons why Chicago should not get the 2016 Olympics.

1. We’re broke. The city is $300 million in the red and just announced lay offs of 2,500 city workers, including 1,000 from the Chicago Public Schools.
2. We’re incompetent and corrupt. Our big construction projects go massively over budget and experience long delays. In addition, some of the people the IOC is dealing with may be under federal investigation.
3. Our infrastructure is broke. Our city is crumbling and the mass transit system needs upgrading and expansion. How can we handle the hundreds of thousands of people who would come here for the games when we can’t take care of our own needs today?
4. Lack of public support. When people realize that the taxpayers will be picking up the tab for the games, they oppose the bid three-to-one.



7 responses to “We Visit IOC Headquarters

  1. Good luck!!!

  2. Don’t forget that Mayor Daley tore down the only GA airport in the city. When Chicago had a lakefront airport, travel times could have been supplemented with cheap charter flights from nearly any location straight into the city. There is no such resource available anymore.

  3. Haha, Daley ‘s gonna have a hard time explaining all of his tomfoolery to the IOC.

    It’s about time he got exposed for the criminal that he is.

  4. You need to add to the list of shortage of police. Chicago Police Dept. states they have 13,000 but in reality, they only have about 8,000 actually working the streets, they rest are civilians. Over 500 are retiring, taking early retirement or quitting, and the city only has a class of 200 new hire for the year. New York City has 40,000 cops. We have had over 150 peoples killed to date this year, on the southside where they will hold many events, while in Iraq and Afghanistan at total of 145.

  5. If you have the ear of the Olympic committee,float my idea about using floating facilities for white elephant arenas.The cost of building and maintaining these vessels would be shared by all Olympic nations.This would allow poorer nations to host the Olympics.Chicago isn’t the only corrupt or inept city in the world,shared costs would protect the citizens of other host cities too.

  6. How can I get a copy of this document? Ebay? This site? Let me know. Very interesting information for research and debate on the side one almost never hears or sees in the media.

  7. Since 2004 any Chicago family who are unable to bare the financial burden of transporting their family to another Chicago Park District or can’t afford a private gym, their children won’t be 1 of the Olympic athletes.
    The Chicago Park District moved ALL gym programs that were at a Chicago Park District with 1 gym to a nearby Chicago Park District with 2 gyms although there may have been a gym program already there.
    Our gym program not only moved to a Chicago Park District with a gym program, but 2 other gym programs too. Now there are 4 gym programs in 1 Chicago Park District, and now they want to put The Olympics in Washington Park where the inner city children won’t be able to complete.

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