Vancouver Games Bleeds ANOTHER $21 Million. Oops.

As reported in the Vancouver Sun:

Vancouver taxpayers are being asked to cough up another $21.9 million in Olympic-related cost overruns.

This time it relates mostly to finishing the city’s affordable housing commitment in the Southeast False Creek development.

If approved at Thursday’s council committee on city services and budgets, it will bring to about $45 million the overruns on civic projects that were fast-tracked because of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Vancouver is already over budget by about $23 million on several parks-related projects, including the new Trout Lake and Killarney training arenas and the Hillcrest curling venue, according to Coun. Geoff Meggs. Those three were built as Olympic venues or training facilities, with the Vancouver Organizing Committee contributing only a portion of the costs.

Start the overrun meterearly, boys and girls. The Mayor has promised to sign a blank check if we get the games. They’ll pkay and we WILL pay!


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