Will the City Tell Us The Truth?

Caution – deep hole ahead! Aldermen, demand the truth from the Mayor and the 2016 Committee! What is the total cost for producing the 2016 games in Chicago? Do your own verification of revenue projections – don’t believe the inflated claims of economic impact from the 2016 Committee. Demand a full explantion, in English a citizen without a finance degree can understand, of how the insurance policy against cost overruns is supposed to work.


2 responses to “Will the City Tell Us The Truth?

  1. Ha! This cartoon captures what I was thinking: even though right now they say there’s no risk, bid cmte. needs all summer to obfuscate the real numbers before going to City Council.

  2. So I guess the “temporary” stadium from London to save costs that we were promised, well, offered, is a no go now….


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