Citizens Speak Up – “No Blank Check!”

WGN Radio asked folks on the street if Chicago should sign a blank check for the 2016 games.



2 responses to “Citizens Speak Up – “No Blank Check!”

  1. Ginny Procuniar

    At a time when we are in a deep recession, with every unit of government in debt, it is the height of irresponsibility to commit unknown billions to the Olympics. It is deeply disturbing that we have a Mayor who believes that there is “nothing as important as having the Olympics.” Rather than trying to govern effectively, he seems to be fixated on fulfilling a personal fantasy.

    If money were going to be spent frugally and prudently, it might turn out to be very positive; however, it is probable that many of those who are politically connected will milk this as a cash cow while the rest of us get stuck with high property taxes and draconian fines and fees.

    Also, we need to know specifically who would be auditing what the 2016 Committee has been doing. Just what are their qualifications?

    Ginny Procuniar
    Chicago Resident since 1968

  2. Here are some reasons to say no to the games.

    Let’s settle union contracts for city employees first.

    We have gangbangers running the streets due to Democratic liberal judges, states’ attorneys office, police officials, politicians etc.

    Daley bans guns from legit citizens but not from gangbangers who are sponsored by his aldermanic politicians.

    All Contracts for these 2016 games will be corrupt!!

    Daley cannot be trusted for anything anymore.

    I will retire soon from the city and I don’t want my pension money stolen from the fund by Daley nephews and other relatives.

    Most of the city counsel will either be in jail or on parole by 2016 leaving the debt to the rest of us and heirs to pay the bill.

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