Darts Keep On Coming


From the Sun-Times, those darts just keep on coming. Here are some of the reader’s comments from their recent editorial, “Throwing Darts the only way to pin down full data on Olympics.”

ken kunz wrote:
Daley must sign the Host Cities Agreement, or his Olympic nightmare is off, PERIOD! You do not negotiate with the IOC on the Host Cities Agreement! The Sun Times editorial board knows this, and it is high time they withdrew their support for this fiasco. The Olympics will certainly cost the people of this city (and state) billions and billions of dollars. Does the Sun Times support that?
big boy wrote:
Poorly planned now with DALEYS LIES ADDING UP, and the 2016 party will be poorly executed. There will be police brutality on the poor, cost overuns by contractors, back room deals for insiders and rapid tax inflation on Chicago home owners. Bad idea, lets move on people to bigger and better things in the next mayoral elections.
damfunny wrote:

obviously, King Daley II is insane.

To Wit:
–bulldozes municipal airport in the middle of the night
–rapes taxpayers of $500 million annually thru his TIF programs, then raises taxes nine times in twenty years
–sells off city assets at a loss while rewarding family members & friends
–uses the race card to defend his wife’s friend’s Children’s Museum in Grant Park
–gives $100 million minority contracts to his pink friends
–guarantees $BILLION$ of OUR money for HIS Olympics

Politicians are like diapers:
they should be changed frequently, and for the same reason!

Time to vote the bums out, and get some new bums.

we is joe d wrote:
The last minute Q&A that they are holding supposedly to allow the citizens to get the details is nothing but smoke and mirrors. They have made it inconvenient to attend and nothing is in writing. If this is such a good deal, then publish to the entire city the documents. Let us see EVERYTHING you sent to the Olympic Committee. We see selective bits and pieces, but what aren’t we seeing? The mayor has proven he cannot be trusted.

His track record with the night time bulldozing of Meigs Field, the unnecessary move Childrens Museum that will only benefit the pocket books of Daley’s friends construction companies, Ohare expansion that is only to support Daley’s Olympic dream, Skyway sale, parking meter sale, labor negotiations that Daley now says needs to be changed and the ones that have been working without contracts for several years, and where is the transparency in TIF funds. Yes the city’s general fund doesn’t have enough money and that is because you have repeatedly raided it and put the money into TIF’s. Try putting that money back into the general fund and perhaps we aren’t as broke as you are saying.

The doubt of Daley’s ability to lead includes the necessity to have federal oversight of his city hiring, the number of city employees and alderman who have been convicted of crimes. The contracts given to his friends and family. And why does he never seem to know anything about anything when someone is caught with their hands in the cookie jar? Isn’t it his job to know?

So no Mr Mayor, we the taxpayers and citizens of Chicago don’t want YOUR Olympic dream as we know we cannot afford it. Perhaps you need to step back from your ego and see what we see.


One response to “Darts Keep On Coming

  1. With the City pulling out all of the stops can we ever believe that the number of murders in Chicago are decreasing yearly as reported by the City? Those numbers have to be as manipulated as all of the rest of the hype. Tim

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