Who Are We, Exactly?

We get a fair amount of inquiries on WHO we are at No Games Chicago. You have to understand that our volunteers are sometimes reluctant to publicly identify themselves for fear of retribution. When three of us went to Switzerland on June 15 we were asked a number of times “Who is paying you?” It seemed strange to the European press that American citizens could just pick up and go to Switzerland to challenge their own city’s Mayor and communicate directly with the IOC.

This 25-minute interview with three No Games organizers, including two members of the Swiss delegation, will give you a sense of who we are and why we are fighting. The interview was conducted by Patrick McDonough, editor of ChicagoClout.com.

Watch this 25 minute interview with 3 No Games organizers to get a good introduction to who we are.

Watch this 25 minute interview with 3 No Games organizers to get a good introduction to who we are.


4 responses to “Who Are We, Exactly?

  1. Perhaps you are paying the Pat Ryan team? These arrogant incompetents are alienating even Olympic supporters.Dump the current 2016 team and have an Olympics we can be proud of.

  2. Better yet, let’s not have an Olympics at all!

  3. This interview was a joke. Hey Tom, your people are ill informed, and they don’t know what they are talking about!

    The guy interviewing them was completely unprofessional, and it was hardly a biased interview. You talk about Chicago 2016 staging their town halls, but then you feature a video where the guy who is “grilling” for answers is sugar coating to your own limited view and agenda.

  4. Thank you again for talking to Chicagoland on Chicago Clout. I have had a record number of people wanting a copy of the DVD. Your guests created a substantial increase in traffic on my website. Thank you, Patrick.

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