Three People Speak Out

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – Just one day’s samples…

Unnecessary Olympics

I’ve lived in this city since I was born here in 1933. I’ve witnessed the many trials and tribulations it has endured and the great successes it has achieved. These diverse elements and the diversity of the city itself are what make Chicago great.

During the last 10 to 15 years in particular, Chicago has established itself as a destination for those who seek business opportunity, community lifestyle, recreation and cultural stimulation. As a part-time employee of the Art Institute, I hear people from all over the world tell me that we have more than achieved all that.

Given this reality, I see no reason that we need to pursue the Olympics. What would it add to a city that already has great international credentials? I see nothing but disruption of a city that already has great challenges to maintain its current lifestyle and growth.

To me such efforts are in the hands of those few who are pursuing ego-driven dreams.

It makes no sense.
— Paul Davies, Chicago – July 17, 2009

Expensive Olympics
Mayor Richard Daley wants to put a fifth star on the Chicago’s flag if we host the Olympics.

If the games are held here, the city won’t be able to afford the extra star.

— Brad Pettit, West Dundee – July 17, 2009

Olympic expense
We have leased the Skyway, the parking meters and now we are trying to lease city bill collection (News, July 9).

Is there any hope that we could lease the Olympics bid, say until 2050?

The debt to taxpayers should be paid off by then.

— Shel Trapp, Chicago – July 17, 2009

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2 responses to “Three People Speak Out

  1. If the Olympics come,the crime rate will go way down.The will and the money to accomplish this will be in place.

  2. It will be in place thanks to the taxpayers who will get stuck with the bill!

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