2016 Raises $5 Mil, Anyone Got $500 for No Games?

As reported in the Chicago Tribune:

Chicago’s final fundraiser for its 2016 Olympic bid drew the biggest crowd yet, but raised only about $5 million Wednesday evening, the lowest tally of three major events aimed at luring private cash.

The sum was raised from 3,600 supporters, or more than 1,000 more than attended last year’s fundraiser. They paid at least $500 per ticket to attend the 2009 U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame induction ceremony at McCormick Place.

According to the article, the 2016 Committee has raised a total of $76.1 million to date. Can anyone spare $100 or even $500 to help No Games counter all the misinformation and propaganda that the 2016 Committee has been spraying over the city for the past two years? If you’d like to help us stop the Olympic scam, then please make a non tax-deductible donation via PayPal or mail a check made out to “No Games Chicago” to:
No Games, P.O. Box 6815,  Chicago, IL 60680-6815.


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