Sing Along With Us…

Thanks to our friends at Chicago Clout

And the song has already made news!

Sing Along:

Same ol’ names makin’ headlines

Same ol’ crew stealin’ from the kitty

Slitherin’ snakes through departments of our city

Mayor Richie Daley tells us wrong from right

It’s hard to do when he’s on the next flight

He’s hangin’ out in Switzerland cuttin’ big deals

Too much funny business here, everyone steals

Chicago Clout, Little Richie’s getting richer

Chicago Clout, nothin’ stays the same

Chicago Clout, there’s never gonna be change

So, when you turn around a new scandal is brewin’

Daley knows nothin’, it’s none of his doin’

Now I have to move out, my taxes too high

Daley don’t care, “Let the middle class fry!”

And why should we change? Everything is so good

Who cares if kids are gettin’ shot in the ‘hood?

We’re cuttin’ deals for our family and our friends

2016 is when the world’s gonna end!

Chicago Clout, Little Richie’s gettin’ richer

Chicago Clout, nothin’ seems to change

Chicago Clout, it all stays the same


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