Tribune’s Greising: 2016 Secrecy Smells

As reported in Progress Illinois and WTTW’s “Chicago Tonight”:

This month, Tribune business columnist David Greising has written two pieces urging more disclosure on the part of Chicago’s Olympic bid committee and, in doing so, spurred a lengthy editorial from his paper on the topic.  On Friday, he appeared on Chicago Tonight’s “Week in Review” show to discuss the games and continued to push back against the committee’s assurances that they are being “open and transparent.”  Watch it (full video here):

GRIESING: It’s interesting. I’ve talked to people at the Olympic committee — Chicago 2016 — and they all believe that they’ve been the most open and transparent group that has ever been seen in the face of the Olympic movement.

And yet, a few weeks away, 40-some days away from the October 2 vote, we still don’t know who these insurance companies are that are supposed to be backing — guaranteeing the bid.  We have no idea who any of the developers are of the Olympic Village.  The guarantee they’re looking for — the unlimited guarantee from the city — we don’t know much about.  We’ve had a little bit of corruption — not corruption, conflicts of interest pop up with this Michael Scott — this Olympic committee member who is involved in a development near the village.

It’s just all kind of stirring around and it doesn’t smell very good to longtime Chicagoans.

Whew! What’s that we’re smellin’? Could it be the rot of corruption, the sweltering stench of lies and – oh, never mind, you get it. If the Tribune, which is still pro-2016, can smell the mess – it MUST be powerful awful!


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