Civic Federation Report Reveals More 2016 Lies

If you’ve been to the 2016 community meetings as No Games Chicago has – you’ll recall hearing the claim that no taxpayer money has been or will be spent on the games. No Games has challenged that claim repeatedly – wondering how they keep failing to include the almost $200 million for the purchase, demo, remediation and TIFs committed to the Village in their calculations.

Now the Civic Federation report lifts up an obscure point that the city will spend $35 million IT DOESN’T HAVE for two venues that IT DOESN’T NEED from page 73 of the L.E.K. report.

Remember, the Park District CUT swimming hors 30% this summer?

Remember, the Park District CUT swimming hours 30% this summer?

Oh, wait, they will probably say “We meant to build those facilities all along!” That’s what Lori Healy said about the purchase of the Michael Reese Hospital site. “The city wanted to purchase that site for development for a long time” she told a group of women at a private reception in mid June. But Pat Ryan told us a different story at the last 2016 community meeting at the Palmer House. He told the crowd in answer to a question from a No Games member that it was the 2016 Committee who approached the Mayor with the idea to acquire the site.


3 responses to “Civic Federation Report Reveals More 2016 Lies

  1. Pat Ryan and his buddies pretty much have the convincing power of used (lemon) car salespeople.

  2. real & ridiculous questions

    Who will be providing the bicycles to the west side kids to use in the legacy indoor velodrome?

    And what company is going to get in Daley’s face and pay for naming rights for the shooting facility?
    Daley closed down the shooting facility on the lake front.
    I think the NRA should do some fundraising and put there name on the shooting facility.

  3. The Chicago 2016 bid committee recognizes that a velodrome the size of an Olympic venue would not be useful for North Lawndale; it will be converted into an indoor track and multi-sport and multi-use community center should Chicago be host of the 2016 Games. The Friends of the Park feels that the size of the community center is too big for Douglas Park and recommends that it be removed from the park.

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