Mayor’s Approval Plummets – People Are PISSED!


As reported in the Chicago Tribune:

…But with the pivotal Olympics decision three weeks away, Daley finds himself in one of the most troubled periods of his long reign. Daley’s decision to lease the city parking meter system left motorists furious over skyrocketing rates and balky machines. Then he fumbled in explaining his promise that taxpayers would cover potential losses from the Olympics.

For the first time since he became mayor two decades ago, Daley’s critics outnumber his fans, a Tribune/WGN poll found. The mayor’s approval rating is at an all-time low of 35 percent in Tribune polls, according to the new survey.



8 responses to “Mayor’s Approval Plummets – People Are PISSED!

  1. Who are they polling about the 2016 bid? A 50+ percent approval of the Games sounds high. Must be a lot of Daley cronies in the sample.

    A fun poll would be: “Would you move out of the city if we get stuck with the 2016 Olympics?”

    I’ll start. I’m considering it.

  2. The pol question should be “Do you want to pay for the Olympics?” In a recent Trib poll 84% said NO! As for Shortshanks, I think 35% is probably too high!

  3. I think Chicago should have a mayoral term limit on electing political leaders like in New York City or Los Angeles. We elect the president of the US 1 to 2 times. Richard “Ego” Daley has been elected more than 2 times already.

    I think Obama & others that supports Chicago for the 2016 bid should stay home. I hope that on October 2nd, the 2016 Summer Olympic bid goes to Tokyo or Rio. If Rio wins because of IOC members from Latin America, Africa & Asia, like Beijing. It’s time that the little people & underdog to take over & control to win recognition & respect.

    I think there should be a referendum if Chicago wins 2016 bid & mayoral term limits in the next election. It’s time that other people who wants to be mayor of Chicago gets their chance on leaving a legacy.

  4. The latest Tribune poll about the bid is obviously not asking the right question. Mr. 47’th, you’re right. If PAYING for it is asked, the support plummets to Bush-like approval levels!

    While I whimsically wonder about a “will you leave Chicago” poll question, I am seriously considering just that. The farther the better, until the car runs out of road.

    Unfortunately, if we have a referendum on the Olympics (and term limit) after October 2 if we get stuck, it’ll be too late to abort the bid. Daley would have gotten his wish – even if we ran him off the planet in a rocket.

  5. I belive that anyone that live in the city should have an honor to experiance games held in our beautifull city and anyone that thinks differently maybe they should think about relocating.

  6. One more thing I’ve notice on your website that your organization wants a donation of $30.00 or moreto support you I think it would be a wiser decision to take that $30.00 and put it toward a Olympics in Chicago then support your greedy organization.

  7. Patrick, if you want greed, just wait. If we get the “honours” the taxes will go up like a Space Shuttle on steroids. The IOC is incredibly greedy.

  8. Too much kool-aid, Patrick.

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