It’s Official – President Staying Home

As reported on Chicago Tribune’s Breaking News site:

Sixteen days from the deciding vote, President Barack Obama made a rousing pitch Wednesday for Chicago to win the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. He later joined in some Olympic-style fun and games on the South Lawn of the White House…

Obama said the healthcare fight would keep him home, adding: “But the good news is I’m sending a more compelling superstar to represent the city and the country we love, and that is our first lady, Michelle Obama.”


2 responses to “It’s Official – President Staying Home

  1. Don’t be too sure about this. It is a mere 8 hour Presidential jet flight away, all but his most personal governmental protection will already be in place by virtue of his wife being there. She and Valerie Jarrett will already have schmoozed the IOC delegates with the predetermined propaganda. Leaving the climax of Baracks’ momentary physical presence all that is needed to seal the deal. Obama could be there and back, having sprinkled his golden pixie dust on the awestruck members of the IOC in 36 hrs, door to door, maybe faster.

  2. Well, he cast his pitch and vote from the WH lawn, and many of the donors will also be on his donor list, so what’s left to do? Except have Michele make her “Proud” speech to the crowds of supporters — which relates well here and abroad. Maybe rework it a little: “For the second time in my adult life, I’m proud…”

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