Atlanta Community Leader Sets The 96 Games Record Straight

Anita Beaty directs the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless and she was in Atlanta for the run up the 1996 Olympics and has lived through the delivery and aftermath. She warns us not to believe the hype. Will you listen to her?

You can also listen to and embed an audio player for her remarks (6 minutes) at!

Download a Word transcript of her remarks.


3 responses to “Atlanta Community Leader Sets The 96 Games Record Straight

  1. Yet more compelling reasons for Chicago not to host the Olympics, honestly delivered from someone who was right there to see what transpired in Atlanta. The rounding up, arrests and incarceration of the homeless (done for “appearance’s sake” in order to present Atlanta in the best possible light to Olympic representatives) is particularly revolting. And yes, the same thing could easily happen here in Chicago, should we be unfortunate enough to get saddled with the Games.

    Other U.S. cities must be breathing sighs of relief right now that they are not, or never were, contenders for this fiasco.

  2. Oh, if it does happen, there most likely will be the booting of homeless out of the high traffic Olympics area.

    You wouldn’t want that beautiful walkway to the Olympics game to be cluttered with 30+ homeless persons asking for handouts, or selling ‘Streetwise.’

  3. I lived in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympic Games. You folks don’t have a clue. The Olympic Games would be a plus for Chicago. Debt? There are enough Corporate home offices in Chicago that would jump on the bandwagon as sponsors so quick that they taxpayers would be just fine.

    The memories I have of the 96 Olympic Games are priceless. Despite the Centennial Park bombing, the whole event was tremendous.

    Get real. the Olympic Games are a plus for any city.

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