Did You Just Feel The Earth Move?

Daley-Trust_Me-smallIn the Sun-Times, Mayor Daley says it would take an earthquake or a tornado to make us foot the bill for the 2016 games.

“They have been very, very fiscally responsible in regards to their presentation. I really believe that. Unless … ,” Daley said without completing the sentence.

Unless what? What would it take to put taxpayers on the hook?

“An earthquake or something or a tornado,” he said. “I really believe that, because we don’t have to build all of these facilities. That’s the difference.


Well, did you just feel something? The city has already spent or committed over $200 million for the purchase, demolition, clean-up and enhancement of the Olympic Village site.


6 responses to “Did You Just Feel The Earth Move?

  1. Daley forgot one possible disaster: a tsunami of red ink.

  2. I wouldn’t trust Daley any farther than I could spit him through a straw!

  3. Daley is as trustworthy as the loan shark at the payday loans place.

  4. The loan shark is more trustworthy. I trust Daley about as far as a paraplegic could kick him on a planet with 3 times Earth’s gravity.

  5. The way the city government has botched a number of projects that have resulted in poor decisions or wasted money, it reminds me of a drunk driver who keeps promising not to do it again…then gets behind the wheel anyway and wrecks another car!

    Though instead of previous car wrecks, the Olympics would be a 30-car pileup.

  6. Trust him?!?!? The a-hole’s already bankrupted the city. He can’t pay the workers and he’s selling off rights to city operations! Meanwhile, his friends, at least those who haven’t yet been caught, are making millions hand over fist. Are we Chicagoans really that stupid?!?!?

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