Sportswriter for Nation Lays It Out – “No Games For Chicago!”

Watch this video where Nation magazine sports editor and columnist, Dave Zirin, lays out the history of the modern Olympics and explains why bringing the 2016 games to Chicago would be a disaster.


15 responses to “Sportswriter for Nation Lays It Out – “No Games For Chicago!”

  1. The comments of the Nation’s sports editor were obviously edited, but I don’t think his basic viewpoint was misrepresented. He had some good points, but over all I think he is wrong, and if he is right then the answer is to have the Olympics nowhere. Of course there will be some sacrifices made, but in the long haul the Olympics will do much to spread the word that Chicago is indeed a great city. Furthermore, getting the Olympics is good for President Obama even though many of his own supporters don’t think so. His enemies know it however, which is why they oppose the Olympics being held in Chicago.

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  2. The Olympics are Daley’s justification for the gentrification of the west and south sides. His buddies are salivating for development rights. It would be nice to see someone stand up for the park system, which will be collateral damage, and are public. Through destruction of the parks, he is able to get to these communities. The defamation of Soldier Field provided the justification to use Washington Park, all carefully orchestrated by Daley and Pat Ryan, remember? Millions will be displaced in the name of private games on public land, Chicago should be outraged. If you won’t stand up for yourself, at least protect the park system for your children.

  3. Send this video interview to Oprah, the Daleys, and the Obamas— QUICKLY! Let them know WE KNOW!!

    And come Downtown on Tuesday to protest against the Olympics in Chicago. Join the No Games Chicago people at City Hall, 121 N. Lasalle, 5:30 PM, Sept. 29th.

  4. This whole Olympic scam has been about putting Black people out of the city! Anyone who thinks Daley is going to allow working class Black families to be the face of Chicago for an international event like the Olympics, is delusional!

  5. Why doesn’t the mainstream media report more on the ‘No Games’ message? It seems they’re in cahoots with Daley’s machine and his mutual lovefest with big and/or ‘connected’ businesses.

    Are the IOC members aware that a substantial proportion of Chicagoland residents are against this monstrously expensive circus?

    Question: are there ‘No Games’ movements in Rio, Tokyo and Madrid?

  6. More like getting anyone not making $100,000/year PLUS to evacuate. White , black, or even Martian green, Daley wants the not-rich-enough out. Period.

  7. I think if No Games was some out-of-control, fanatical group, then the media would be more at home on covering the group.

    Though since it’s largely a bunch of people taking a less ‘trouble-making’ stance, they just bring the group to light every once in awhile.

  8. ——
    Why doesn’t the mainstream media report more on the ‘No Games’ message?

    Easy answer: Because like it or not, the guy who won the last election without contest is for it and it’s really just a very tiny, vocal, grabasstic minority who’s against it.

  9. “Easy answer: Because like it or not, the guy who won the last election without contest is for it and it’s really just a very tiny, vocal, grabasstic minority who’s against it.”

    tim smith, if Chicago does get to olympics, are you ready for the massive gentrification, stratospheric tax hikes, nightmare traffic, human rights violations and overall debt that accompanies it

  10. Greetings from Vancouver, Host City of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Our circus is 5 months away. I am a social justice photographer living in Canada’s poorest urban neighbourhood, the Downtown Eastside, and I’ve been documenting the impacts on my community here for two years. Gentrification is sweeping through, police crackdowns on the open drug market, on street disorder and homelessness have been underway for some time. You need to remember the Winter Games are a much smaller affair than those Chicago is bidding for. The impacts on your poor communities will be monumental. Get out on the street and protest! So glad to see some people went to the IOC in Switzerland not too long ago. Good work!

    What do the latest public opinion polls say? What percentage of Chicago residents are opposed to the bid? Please answer quickly as this information will be immediately helpful to me.

    Thanks. Check out my recent sets of 2010 Mascot mayhem on Flick …

  11. Traffic? The city is going to bring me a few million tourists to take money from and I’m worried about traffic?

    You’re not much of a capitalist are you.

    And tell me about these ‘human rights violations’. I’d like to hear about this. Something tells me I’ll be greatly amused.

  12. So I was seriously thinking about logging onto PayPal and helping out a little until I hear Zirin’s generalized and uncited claims. I’m all for educating the residents about the negative impact by the Olympics but come on…Be smarter than that. Those unsubstantiated claims sound as bad as some of the crazy claims the pro-olympic people are saying.

  13. Do you realize how many billions of dollars of revenue it will bring into the country if Chicago hosted the Olympics? Seriously! We are in an economic crisis in this country and you are worried about traffic and trash?

    Thanks for being selfish ignuts. The rest of America really appreciates your efforts to undermine the rest of the country!

  14. Samantha hasn’t done her research. Each of the past several Olympic Games have been money losing ventures for all except the corporate sponsors, the IOC itself and the local tourism and hospitality industry. The Organizing Committee for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver has already admitted the event will not earn a profit as originally stated by those who supported our Host City bid.

    The Vancouver Games are projected to cost the taxpayer $6 billion. Do you know how long it will take to pay that off?

    And you only insult yourself and make the Olympic movement look ugly when you refer to poor people as trash. Your soul is trash.

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