2016 Orders Anti-Bid News Report Cancelled

From the Drudge Report:

Sun Sep 27 2009 21:56:11 ET

A local TV station that reported on Chicagoans NOT wanting the Olympics has been told NOT to run the report again, insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT!

The Chicago Olympic Committee told FOX Chicago that its broadcast "would harm Chicago's chances" to be awarded the games. The station's news director ordered staff to hold fire after the report aired once last Thursday morning, claims a source.

Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo and Rio are mounting strong bids for the honor to host in 2016. The International Olympic Committee makes its decision on Friday. President Obama will lead the in-person push.

Watch the offending news report from Fox Chicago News.


7 responses to “2016 Orders Anti-Bid News Report Cancelled

  1. Well, at least is not an investigation as it’s happening in Brazil with the Pan Am Games. They will investigate the Court of Audit will investigate the cost of the games just after oct/2 not to “jeopardize” Rio’s candidacy.

    I had some respect for NGC, but after supporting the fraudulent site “chicagoansforrio” and now that Obama is going, I hope Chicago be the host.

  2. Who cares who put the site up? The fact is it is a valid site and has the support of more Chicagoans than does the site promoting the Olympics in Chicago. Seriously, what difference does it make? The real story here is the fact that the story was ordered to be killed by the powers that be here in Chicago. That is off the charts pathetic. Are you trying to tell me the video spot of all of those people that say they want the Olympics in Rio was really shot in Rio? Seriously, that is ridiculous. No one here in the city I know wants the Olympics here in Chicago, and the video and website represents those of us that will have to pay taxes and sponsor the vent for decades in the event Chicago gets the bid. GO RIO!!!!! Chicago supports you 100 percent!!!

  3. I think it is funny that people believe only the City of Chicago will suffer. It is utterly foolish to believe that only Chicago will suffer, and that ALL of Illinois (and the U.S.) will not foot the bill. The truth of the matter is this will cause a dramatic problem for the Enitre state. I lived in Germany while Italy hosted, and I will tell you it was NOT beneficial for them! I am a Illinois native and used to live in Chicago. This will only cause problems for ANY city it is hosted in that does not have the proper funds already available. The only reasonable place that should be consider is Tokyo.. sorry but they have the funds to afford this giagantic venture. With the worlds economy in the current condition to ask any country other than one who is not already suffering budget issues is UNACCEPTABLE. As for Obama.. of course he doesn’t care and hopes that Chicago gets the bid because it is more press for him and… ready for it.. here it comes.. HE ISN’T PAYING FOR IT! For all of those people who backed Obama as though he were some great hope this is what you deserve! To believe that ANY politician is anything but a puppet for his campaign contributors you are crazy. This only further proves the deep rooted problems within our government, and yet another way in which the United States will sink ourselves lower in debt.

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  5. It’s pretty obvious that if the Chicago Olympic Committee has a shady agenda to hide, of course they are willing to bribe, swindle and threaten any media outlet that could possibly undermine their clandestine agenda.

  6. They bribe because Olympic officials demand bribes, can’t blame the victim.

    Expect more censorship of news for the next 5-6 years, even if Devil in the White City happens again, it wont be reported, to make sure “it doesn’t harm the games(tm)

  7. If you keep track of the comments section of the media and not the media, you will see that the site is NOT fraudulent and the founder is a CHICAGOAN. Chicago 2016 bid supporters, please find someone to “Back the Bid” before it turns midnight.


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