Live From Copenhagen!

No Games Chicago is in Copenhagen! The same team that went to Lausanne, Switzerland in June is now in Copenhagen. Our goal remains the same – to convince the International Olympic Committee that the 2016 Olympics for Chicago is the wrong project for the wrong city at the wrong time.

We;re still raising funds to pay for this trip – so please do use the PayPal button on the right!

Follow the news of our efforts on the “Live From Copenhagen” page on this web site!

The iconic mermaid of Copenhagen.

The iconic mermaid of Copenhagen.


21 responses to “Live From Copenhagen!


    Awesome job folks. Once again, proving that the anti-daley crowd is nothing but a bunch of grabasstic fools who are incompatible with this city.

    I thank these 6 morons profusely for, by virtue of protesting the same thing in almost the same place on the same day, making you people look like a bunch of whacked out nutballs.


    • I fully agree with Tim Smith. Thanks for the wonderful post!

      In this age of global competition, want Chicago to go the way of Detroit? St. Louis? Fact of the matter is that for 7 years the CTA will be upgraded, Federal funds will used for the Olympics and Chicago will be an international icon for future development.

      Get ready for it Chicago, because in 2 days Chicago 2016 will be delivered. If you don’t like it, the obvious choice is to get out of Chicago. There are plenty of unimaginative failing sad cities to choose from in the USA. Take your pick.

  2. Tim
    Either you just can not read , man. Or you do not know the difference between Daley Plaza and City Hall. ( Do you actually live in Chicago or do you work for one of the out of town fancy consulting firms Chicago 2016 uses?)

    Those Olympic flag burners had nothing to do with the No Games protest, as the Fox report filed after the No Games protest states, “…Earlier, about 150 people took their anti-Olympics message to Chicago’s City Hall…”

    But, Tim if we get the Olympics, post your address so you can pay my share of the increased taxes the Games will require.

  3. Tim Smith, I was at the protest at CITY HALL. Can’t you read details? This crowd was in Daley Plaza; the protest never went over there. The No Games protest was outside of City Hall and ended at City Hall.

    No Games: thanks for organising this! It was fun to come out and show our discontent (along with the 84% who don’t want the games) for this bid. I’ll be thinking of you on Friday!

  4. The No Games rally was started at City Hall at 5:15 and ended by 6:45.

    From the Chicago Tribune article on the Picasso incident: “The suspects, arrested just after 7:30 p.m at Daley Plaza”.

  5. Many very intelligent points were made to the media all afternoon. The big story was a few people that never made any NO Games meetings ever. On the other hand, it shows just how mad Chicago residents are. Daley has made a mockery of the Picasso at Daley Center. The residents are willing to go to jail to stop Chicago from the Olympic debt. This must make Patrick Ryan and Richy Daley mad a heck!

  6. The group in Daley Plaza were anarchists. They go to these types of events, like our No Games Chicago rally, and anything they do after the event is supposed to reflect on the peaceful, law-abiding group? I don’t think so.

  7. And only one pro-Olympics person. Was that person an out of towner? Who knows?!

  8. Keep up the good work. I’ve been to Chicago once and can see no reason for going back. On the other hand, Rio is a place I would love to re-visit and the Games would provide a good opportunity.

    Good luck in your efforts.

    • Rio is NOT the one

      Games on Rio will benefit only corrupt politicians who will use the games for put millions on their bank accounts and their minions’ (by fraud and other illegal ways, of course ).

  9. An ally from Southern Illinois

    And what if Chicago wins the bid for the Olympics and in doing so this brings many jobs to people who are unemployed.

    It could very well be a boon to the economy in that area where it is much needed.

  10. I want to ask whoever put up this site and supporters of them, what they are doing to better the city? What are your plans? If we lose the games and the city isn’t a better place than it is today, all blame is on you.

  11. What are you people dense?

    It doesn’t matter that these guys are totally unrelated to you folks (even if that’s true, which, let’s be honest, is unlikely).

    But like I say, by virtue of them being on the same side of the issue with you, people like me are just going to use it to make you people sound nuts.

    And no, not an out of towner. I’m a life long south sider. Although, I’d like to get a count just how many of you folks are actually transplants from elsewhere…….

  12. NoGamesChicago, stop filtering comments, isn’t this an open forum? This website is worse than the media. Sad.

  13. I feel with the schools unsafe and the transportation infrastructure less than world calss – Chicago would have to be guranteed the monies to fix these problems before hosting anything that supersedes the citizenry.

  14. If you don’t have the money to protest the Chicago Olympics for 2016, how are you better than the city?
    I realize you make a living by organizing protests, it pays for that nice place you have on Lake Shore Drive.
    Why not get a real job?

  15. This website is ridiculous. You spread disinformation and half-truths in order to bolster a case that doesn’t exist. The Olympics WILL make money, yet that isn’t the point. The real point is that it will be fun to watch the greatest athletes in the world for a couple of weeks as well as party with the world while showing off the gretes city in the world. Show a little civic pride, turkey’s!

  16. Tim Smith,

    If you were not there last night, it’s time for you to find a purpose in life and leave No Games alone. If No Games was responsible, why did the incident occur half an hour or more after the crowd left the rally in front of City Hall? And if No Games had 200 to 250 people at the rally, why would the group not go en masse to the Daley Plaza and to what happened? Because the incident was not No Games inspired and even the Chicago Police Department stated as much in their comments to the Chicago Breaking News reporter.

    As for anarchists being on the same issue with No Games, I am not sure what you mean by that. They attend rallies and events to hang and they really don’t assist the group behind the rally/event. In April, they used four letter words for their loud chants in the No Games march, which may have not aided No Games. And to give you some information, the anarchists showed up at the rally yesterday, and decided to play their instruments as the speakers were attempting to talk, and they were told to not play their instruments until the program was done. And none of the anarchists were involved in No Games’ planning for the rally or any other aspect of No Games. If some misguided youth like the anarchists do something deplorable, it is not anything that No Games can do stop them. Their actions are only their actions, and do not relate to No Games.

    I have lived in Chicago since 1972, so I guess that I was a three year old transplant.

  17. Gerald,

    It’s nice to know that you are very mature and respectful. I live near the Cook County Courthouse and the correctional facility, which I like to think of as Lake Shore Drive. Thanks for the suggestions.

  18. chicago fan:

    Sorry man. It’s just too much of a coincidence. These people fundamentally agree with you, they’re irrational just like you, and they decided to hold their protest on the same day as you.

    This just confirms what the vast majority of Chicagoans know: that the No Games crowd are just a bunch of bitter children who know absolutely nothing.

  19. “This just confirms what the vast majority of Chicagoans know: that the No Games crowd are just a bunch of bitter children who know absolutely nothing.”

    We do the research, we read the headlines, so telling us we know absolutely nothing tells us that YOU know absolutely nothing.

    How much are your assets worth? You willing to open up your checkbook for everyone else who doesn’t want the olympics?

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