Copenhagen Update #2


5 responses to “Copenhagen Update #2

  1. Patrick Sullivan

    God Bless you guys for going. I’m behind you 100%. Heard your interview on XRT on Saturday morning at 6AM and it was great. Gave $80 on PayPal and hope it helps. Best wishes, Patrick Sullivan

  2. Hey Patrick,

    Nice of you to pay for their vacation.

  3. “Got bless you guys for going” for doing what exactly? Drinks on the plane, a vacation in Europe, standing around outside in the rain doing nothing, making lame video posts, to tell Chicago how they got a photo op with Pele?

    Wise investment there Patrick Sullivan. Wise. Bernie Madoff would have loved your support too.

  4. Rachel, it sounds like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

  5. Yes Rachel, I’ve read a few of your recent posts, and maybe you did wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Quite a lot of venom you’re spewing, and your attacks against the No Games individuals come across as quite personal. And drawing a parallel between a poster’s $80 donation to No Games, and those victimized out of thousands or millions of dollars by Madoff? Cheerlead all you want for the Games in Chicago, but accept the fact that there are many, many people–not just the No Games coterie–who do not share your view, and do not support further bankrupting of the city, displacement of the poor, destruction of the parks, and a massive greed grab by the city’s well connected.

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