You Told Us To Fight On

OK. it’s been a few months since Chicago lost its bid to host the 2016 Olympics. We asked you what should we do now, if anything. 567 of you took the time to take the online survey. Right after the October 2 decision most of the key organizers inside No Games were exhausted and returned to their lives and civic commitments – including studying full time, trying to make a living, teaching, campaigning to stop the deportation of long-time Chicago residents and many other ongoing issues. We looked at the results of this survey as well as the hundreds of e-mails that we received. There were differing opinions as what to do next. There was no firm decision to move forward on any one idea. We told you we’d report back to you…

Here’s how the survey broke down:
About 3/4 said to fight on in one fashion or another.

We asked people to share ideas for economic development and political reform and YOU DID. Download the 28 page document here with your ideas for what Chicago should do next.

If you want to know more – download the “Thank You, No Games!” email messages (17 pages, names and email addresses of senders removed).

One of our organizers, Tom Tresser, wrote a column for Huffington Post, “Lessons Learned From Olympic Fiasco.” Tom is now the Green party candidate for Cook County Board President.

That’s about it, Chicago. There hasn’t been a real discussion of what happened around the bid and the opposition to it. The media did not tell the story running up to the bid and they haven’t told the story since we lost the bid. We have not seen any academic institution or public policy body convene a discussion and no in-depth article or story has been published telling the story of what we did and why. We think Chicago’s progressive community ought to come together some how to frankly review what happened and why, but it will be up someone else to organize that forum.

To all the people who wrote, organized, marched, protested, donated, emailed, sent us articles, sent us advice, helped out and secretly wished us well when they could not do so publicly – THANK YOU.

No Games Chicago


22 responses to “You Told Us To Fight On

  1. In fact, if you took my article seriously, several discussion points could have sparked a new evolution in No Games Chicago.

    The problem is not that NGC is being ignored, but that the organization itself–the way they set out their goals and practices–was set up to fizzle out from its very inception. Bluntly put, NGC failed to take-on–and overcome–its own ideological incoherency (even if some of its members were aware of it), and to me, this is the main reason why they have not received the attention the desire, or gained more power in the political world.

    The Olympics could have been used as a perfect nodal point in showing how both international and local politics are intertwined. It exposed the interests of corrupt politicians and power players, and revealed some of the structural problems in our political economy, both locally in internationally. There are trillions of problems specific to Chicago, to be sure, but now look at the problems Rio is facing with the forthcoming Olympics (and World Cup)! The currupt police forces are “cleaning up” the slums in a much more currupt fashion than Chicago could have ever dreamed up!

    If NGC set up their strategies to galvanize people in fighting a political battle that extended beyond problems local to Chicago, maybe they would have picked up wind in their sails. Instead, the are admitting defeat (contrary to the way they are wording their resignation), and abdicating their fight–and these issues will last ad infinitum, or at least until there is a progressive political transformation *internationally,* with or without NGC.

  2. Chris
    I take it you will be in Vancouver this February to participate in the international convergence against the Olympic Games — see

    The Olympic Resistance Network is calling on… “all anti-capitalist, Indigenous, housing rights, labour, migrant justice, environmental, anti-war, community-loving, anti-poverty, civil libertarian, and anti colonial activists to come together to confront this two-week circus and the oppression it represents.’

    So, get yourself a ticket to Vancouver and put your money were you mouth is — for a change. Now is the time to build something *internationally*

    And when they ask how you heard about the protest — tell ‘um NGC sent ya.

    • I like to hear this spirit! NGC could use all the connections they have and rally for a demonstration such as this. For instance, NGC could continue to send email blasts on news and calls for action for other Olympic cities. Game Monitor in London seems like a good ally to build with too.

      And my money is where my mouth is; my energy is devoted to organizing students, academics, etc with working-class movements. I also write, and host discussions and debate amongst the Left. All these activities are towards progressive international ends. –Maybe one day we can actually create a better social structure where the barbarism behind the Olympics is non-existent.

  3. You guys should just give up. I’m fucking tired of putting hate comments on your website. The truth is you guys did nothing to prevent the Olympics from coming here. I would have loved the Olympics to come here. That is what I think would benefit this city. You idiots just don’t look at things in different perspectives.

  4. Advice regarding moving on

    If you are tired of putting hate comments on the No Games website, then why, pray tell, do you waste your time, webmaster’s time and readers time doing so.

    Here’s my advice. Find and join a group working to bring grocery stores to the vast food deserts in Chicago. That would benefit the city.
    Or join another reality based economic initiative. Don’t continue to attach yourself to asset-grabbing schemes of daMare and his cronies.

  5. Anthony Mendez, you are a fucking asshole & bigot for putting hate comments on NGC. I don’t think NGC would be giving up anytime soon. If NGC goes, there will likely be another organization that will succeed & take its place. I’m glad the Olympics is not in Chicago. Look at Vancouver, they’re hosting the Olympics soon & they’re in financial trouble. Tokyo should have been the winner in my opinion since they have better transportation system + sporting venues are in place & need minor repairs like Los Angeles.

    Rio needs the Olympics since the games has never been hosted in South America. I hope 2020 goes to Cape Town, South Africa. In my perspective, I think the Olympics should not be a privilege for wealthy nations to host. Also, it would be nice to see other cities/nations/continents to host the games, especially South America, Africa & Asia.

    • Funny, this is my third comment that aims negatively towards you. You’re the asshole calling a 13 year-old an asshole. I’m not kidding. You’re having a fight with a 13-year old. How stupid are you?

  6. Rio2016–I am having trouble understanding you logic.

    You claim that it is bad for Chicago to have the Olympics, because due of the finical atrocities committed under the Olympics name, it would be disastrous. So why should Rio suffer such problems, esp. since they are in a far worse position than Chicago is?

    Just because they never had it before does not mean the corruption and negative issues that accompany the Olympics will somehow disappear for them. Have you even been reading the news lately that depicts the excessive drug violence in the city, not to mention the cities (military) police force committing brutal “clean up” jobs for the World Cup and the city?!

    Lets have a clear vision on the issue here. Your complacency and neutrality on the repercussions Rio will feel is just as “bigoted” as Anthony’s comment.

  7. Does anyone have an audio file or a transcript of the No Games UIC forum that took place about a year ago? I’d be willing to a make a donation to the site if someone could supply me with a copy. Thanks!

  8. The core group of No Games Chicago is doing its level best to become a shrill, irrelevant organization of crybabies.
    Strident protest just for the sake of strident protest is the stuff of petulant 2 year olds who don’t want mommy to turn off the TV.
    Petulant, tantrum throwing adults marginalize themselves and get strip searched at airports. As an organization, NGC should either grow up or disband.
    Nobody likes crybabies.

  9. It all looked like a grass-root movement, but the true colors are coming out these days. NGC movement is revealing itself as an attack-group of the left on “big corporations”, capitalists, etc. while the object of the affair has been lost. I am finding it as a very peculiar incident when one group of liberal loonies (NGC mothered by Olympic Resistance Network) uses “financial atrocities” of another liberal loonies (City of Chicago) to propel communism. Last time I saw it happening was in the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, the “capitalist” rebut remains unchallenged by some common sense activists: bring the Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee to justice and demand the money back! That was them, not “big corporations”, who plotted events in top secrecy and monstrous disregard of the communities and taxpayers. Objectively, that was them who had cashed millions on that activity before they were cut short with IOC decision. So again: Chicago cronies gained, Chicago businesses lost. The next step should be obvious: Peoples of Chicago vs. City of Chicago.

  10. Anthony Mendez, you need to get your ass kicked in the real world you fucking idiot.

    • you need to get your ass kicked by Mayor Daley!
      you fucking damn stupid asshole!

      • Mayor Daley is a fat ass chickenshit who, like his racist father, has always had some one else do his ass kicking. And now Anthony, it’s time for bed.

  11. Anthony Mendez, you’re not 13 years old. You must be 30 years old+ & unemployment. You like Mayor Daley want to work & kiss his motherfucking ass. Dumbass motherfucker.

    • No, I’m fucking serious. You’re talking to a 13 year old. You want to work for Tom Tresser and want to kiss his ass. You’re unemployed out there still living with your parents like brazilians your age. POOR ASS BITCH!

  12. Anthony Mendez, if that’s your last name you racist motherfucker. I used to live in Chicago, but lived in Los Angeles & happily employed working in a corporation. I lived in New York City when Giuliani was mayor & supported the 2012 Games even though London won that bid. At least, Giuliani did a better job than Daley. Giuliani was able to improve the economy, cleanup New York & reduce crime.

    When you get to my age, you will see it in your eyes that Chicago will never change because I used to live there years ago. At least, I lived in a city where we can vote off & elect leaders who are not making an effort to do their job. New York City & Los Angeles have mayoral term limits. Daley rules like as if he’s a dictator.

    I’m so glad the US will not likely bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Since South Africa is having a World Cup this year, I hope that event becomes a success in hopes for a high chance to bid for 2020 Olympics.

    Since the US is a capitalist country & winning all the gold medals, I don’t think the IOC will award the games to the US anytime soon because of the Atlanta Coca-Cola bribery scandal + Centennial bombing & Salt Lake City’s vote-buying scandal. Plus, US IOC is disorganized, changed so many leaders & issues regarding network broadcasting rights.

    Since the 2004 Athens games, cities that hasn’t hosted the Olympics for a long time will likely bid like Paris as an example. The best chance the US will likely host the games is 2032 Los Angeles Centennial games.

    The Olympics should not be a privilege for wealthy nations to host. It should be awarded to cities that has financial guarantees & good organization backings.

  13. NYC 2012 didn’t have a confirmed stadium. We had a confirmed stadium that would be temporary. Don’t start with oh, it would have ruined wildlife, when it wouldn’t. Daley’s not a fucking dictator. You are!!!!!

  14. Anthony Mendez, Daley is a fucking king that needs to step down & totally undemocratic. Chicago does need a mayoral term limit so that other people can leave a legacy mark both good & bad which is very democratic.

    You don’t elect the President of the United States more than 2 times. I wish Bill Clinton was still our president, but he can’t because of the Constitution.

  15. dont worry with daley gettin old hes gonna give it up soon. and since you want the games in Cape Town in 2020, the South Africans are poor just like the Brazilians

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