Vancouver Citizen Says “Wouldn’t wish Olympics on worst enemy”

This comment was posted to an anti-war email list that we subscribe to.
Our discussions about the Olympics were mooted by events, but in case you are still dreaming about what might-have-been I quote below part of an email I received today from a former student who know lives in Canada (by “former student” don’t imagine a kid.  He is as old as most of the people in this group.)
“Party here is over. I did not participate or even go downtown, even tho I am 15 mins away from it. We will be paying for it for a good few decades no matter what anyone says. Ans it was just announced that we will also have to pay for the security, a bill which is the highest ever in Canada, and the highest ever for an Olympic event. The Feds said they would pay for it, but alas now that the budget has come down from on high, we are left holding that stinking bag. Almost a Billion$$.
“I wouldn’t wish the Olympics on my worst enemy, and happy that Chicago didn’t win. The 8 years it took to build it up saw many businesses go under (because of the road construction). But I did watch a few things, and yes the skating was terrific and of course that last hockey game was a nail biter. I was teaching when that game was on and the class was very edgy. For the most part, they were adult students, so a bit of decorum was followed.”

We hope that some day we can have a discussion of the bid process and why No Games took the positions it did.


4 responses to “Vancouver Citizen Says “Wouldn’t wish Olympics on worst enemy”

  1. Greece is likely to file for bankruptcy, in large part due to the costs of the Olympic games. This will change how the entire European Union runs its monetary system.
    It may even cause a reorganization of the EU into something like the United States of Europe.
    London is already on the verge of bankruptcy; their Games are 2 years away.
    Illinois likely will declare bankruptcy before the end of 2010. This move will be a precursor for California to follow suit.

    I’ll never forget exactly where I was when the IOC announced that Chicago had gotten the shoe. I was naked & wet in my bathroom, just out of the shower. I let out a whoop and danced a jig and went running thru the house looking for Rahm Emanuel to poke my finger in his chest.
    Instead, all I got from my house mate was, “John, are you out of yer freakin’ mind? Go get dressed. Don’t you have business appointments this afternoon?”

    The Olympics need to go the way of the Edsel; as it is, they’re the black hole where entire economies disappear.

  2. Vancouver’s gonna benefit from this you idiots.

  3. Here are the Pros & Cons of 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics:

    1. Canada won a record of 14 gold medals
    2. USA won the most medals with 37
    3. The most-watched game due in part of the internet

    1. Death of Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili
    2. Foreclosure of Whistler resort owner Intrawest
    3. Canadian women hockey players drinking and smoking

    Vancouver will benefit but will not host this kind of event for a very long time due to the global economic crisis.

  4. Twenty five weeks later, I am still thrilled that the people of Chicago did not get stuck with this mess!

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