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Where Were the “Planners” When We Needed Them?

The February 2010 issue of the American Planning Association’s magazine, Planning, gives a brief postmortem on the 2016 bid.  The article asks the questions that no one in Chicago seemingly wants to face:

“What does a city gain, or lose, by hosting the Olympics? Did Chicago lose? Or did it win?” The author then goes on to tell his readers what No Games Chicago had been saying all along:

“Unfortunately, hosting the Games gets no medals as an urban development strategy. Host efforts tend to be over promised and underfunded, and seldom achieve the goals local organizers set out.” Download the full article.

Aren’t there some members of the American Planning Association in Chicago? Where were they when the bid was being proposed and marketed to the citizens of Chicago and the rest of Illinois?


First Profile of No Games Chicago!

Although No Games Chicago was the only source of research, data and community input critical of the 2016 bid there was a startling lack of interest by the local media on just who we were and why we were opposing the bid.

Months later, this short but lively profile of No Games organizer and spokesperson Francesca Rodriguez appeared in the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy’s newsletter.

“It completely eclipsed my life,” said Rodriquez of the whirlwind experience. “It was such a polarizing issue. If I told people I worked in this protest, they would look at me like I said something blasphemous.” But Rodriquez emerged armed with tangible community organizing and communications skills, equipping her just in time for her foray into formal public policy studies.”

Download the complete article.