Monthly Archives: June 2010

Where Was Frank Deford When We Needed Him?

Frank Deford has covered sports for major media outlets for decades. He does a weekly op-ed piece on NPR. Today he commented on the coats of mega-events, such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

“…as Vancouver goes about the nasty business of trying to pay off this winter’s Olympics, and as we approach the World Cup and South Africa sees its bill soar toward $5 billion, it’s worth reminding cities and countries that think they can be the apple of the world’s eye just by hosting a sports spectacular, that there are only two words you can be guaranteed will always highlight every Olympics and every World Cup nowadays, and those are: over budget.”

Frank, we could’ve used your voice last year. Oh well, we’ll remember what you said the next time an American mayor trots out the lies and exaggerations to justify their city’s Olympic bid.