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No Games Nominated for “Most Valuable Campaign”

The No Games Chicago campaign was nominated for “Most Valuable Campaign” for Roots Camp and The New Organizing Institute. The winners will be announced in mid-December.


Watch “The Battle for the Bid” on CAN-TV

The Battle for the Olympic Bid -
What Happened and What's Next

Organizers with No Games Chicago tell their story at 
The Experimental Station on how the battle for the Olympic bid
was won by a grassroots effort and what it holds in store
for Chicago's future Mayor.

Tom and Bob tell the story of the No Games fight and we
raise some questions about what it all meant...

Sunday, December 5 at 11:00 a.m. on CAN TV21 - 1 hr 30 min

Other times:

Wednesday, December 8th, 10:00 AM, Channel 19
Wednesday, December 15th, 2:00 PM, Channel 21

This is a Chicago public access channel and you have to
have cable in Chicago to see this. We will post the video
online in a while...

Jamie Kalven is the director of the Experimental Station, where the event took place.