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No Games Honored As “Protrector of the Environment”

On April 30, 2011 No Games Chicago was honored by the Chicago Audubon Society as a Protector of the Environment for our work on stopping the 2016 Olympics from coming here.

“Congratulations! The Chicago Audubon Society has just selected the recipients of its Biennial Environmental Awards. I am very pleased to tell you that “No Games Chicago’ was chosen to receive the award for “Protector of the Environment” This reflects the fact that our Board of Directors was very thankful for your work against bringing the 2016 Olympic games to Chicago, since an Olympics here would have created a number of difficulties for both parkland and other area open space, and the wildlife and birds using those habitats, for many years.”

Tom Tresser  accepted the award on behalf of all the volunteers who worked to make No Games Chicago effective and successful.