More Latecomers to No Games Chicago

Where were these guys in 2009?

Where were these guys in 2009?

Two more latecomers to the ranks of No Games Chicago!

Chicago Tribune sports reporter David Haugh writes “In retrospect…” David – we said ALL those things seven years ago. Where were you? Oh, yeah – you, like the paper you work for and the billionaire who owned it then (Sam Zell) were BIG boosters of the bid.

And Steven Malanga, writing in the City Journal, says “Chicago’s Olympic Escape – The City Should be Glad It Didn’t Get the 2016 Summer Games.” No shit, Sherlock. Where were YOU in in 2009.

Come on, guys, would it kill you to at least ACKNOWLEDGE there WAS a group of people – volunteers with no budget and no office – who DID see all this and more – ACTED on what they knew. Acted effectively and acted without regard to their careers or even personal safety.

You will NOT erase us from the pubic record.


One response to “More Latecomers to No Games Chicago

  1. Chicago crime obsession

    The Chicago crime obsession is creepy not to mention that there’s some incredibly uninformed people about. Both articles are embarrassing.

    Crime wouldn’t have been a problem, I don’t see how it would have disrupted the event. The city has just held several Copa America soccer matches on the South Side and often holds major international events – nothing ever happens. Nothing was going to happen during the Copa America and nothing would have happened during the Olympics.

    Now contrast this with the Rio Olympics. Even without looking at Rio’s vastly higher murder rate, it’s not hard to tell which is the more dangerous city.

    Sporting events are often held in more dangerous locales. Chicago (apparently) has something that Rio, Brazil as a whole, South Africa and LA circa ’84 don’t. I fail to see what – they’re all significantly more dangerous than Chicago is.

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