Yahoo Sports Says NO CITY Should Host the Olympics!

Yahoo Sports just came out with an article “Rio’s Example – Why No City Should Bid to Host the Olympics“! Holy crap. Watch this slide show and count your lucky stars that Chicago avoided that city-killer!

Rio’s example: Why no city should bid to host the Olympics

There were 27 world records set at the Rio Olympics last year – from swimming to weightlifting, archery to cycling. These were as thrilling as they were expected. “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” is the Olympic model after all – Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger.”



2 responses to “Yahoo Sports Says NO CITY Should Host the Olympics!

  1. I thought of No Games Chicago when I read this story. Came here to see if anyone had posted it. You all did the right thing in opposing Chicago’s 2016 bid and although few are willing to give you credit for stopping it, many Chicagoans believe (know) that you made a bid difference.

    Thank you again. If only groups would stand up to City leaders more often, we could have a truly great city again.

  2. Thanks for posting this comment. To this day (May 2017) no account of No Games Chicago – who we were, what we did and why and what were the lessons learned – has been printed or broadcast on any major Chicago media platform.

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