Watch this short video as Nation Magazine sports editor and columnist Dave Zirin explains why getting the 2016 Olympics would be a disaster for Chicago.

Mayor Daley said that no taxpayer money would be spent on the games. “Not a dime!” Sounds just like what the elected leaders of Vancouver said about the 2010 games. They are going broke today and the taxpayers are on the hook for billions. Review this series of clips…

Chicago Clout interviewed 3 No Games organizers. It’s a great introduction to who we are and why we’re fighting.

Watch this 25 minute interview with 3 No Games organizers to get a good introduction to who we are.

Watch this 25 minute interview with 3 No Games organizers to get a good introduction to who we are.

Mini-Documentary on Burnham’s Plan for Chicago and the Olympic Bid (8 minutes)

Burnham:2016 from Lisa Jacobson on Vimeo.

Labor Beat TV covers the April 2 rally! Visit Labor Beat


We Protest Oprah’s Games Boosterism


2016 Chairman Caught Fibbing on Fox News


Funding Fears For London Olympics


Crumbling Venues in Athens  Sounds a Warning for London Games


Vancouver Construction Costs Spiral Out of Control



7 responses to “Videos

  1. The worst part of all this is that the people of Chicago are against this. Daley has got to go!

  2. I’m the people of Chicago and I’m not against the Olympic 2016 in Chicago. Shame on all of you who against it. If you guys hate the mayor so much, please move the hell out of this city! We don’t want you here and sure the city of Chicago won’t miss anything!!

    • You need to open your eyes, shut your mouth and research something before you sound off against someone. Chicago and it’s mayor have a history of corruption. I AM CHICAGO and I’m not going anywhere! I will stay here and voice my opinion. I will help to oust a corrupt mayor and eventually win MY city back!

  3. The city wants to lay off workers, but finds the cash under the matress to bid for a two week party. Residents can expect less and less services because more money will be thrown at the two week party if awarded to Chicago; stay tuned and take notice of the spin in the coming years.

  4. shame on you!! all of you who welcome these games here in this city. real chicago folks know the deal and can see past the bull. as many of you know history repeats, so i say take a long good look at what former hosts of these games have gone through and where they stand today!!

  5. The odd thing is in regards to staging the Olympics in democratic countries is that the last two mayors that have brought Olympics to their cities have been turfed out of office before the games were staged . Mayor Sam Sullivan of Vancouver is gone before Vancouver 2010 and Ken Livingstone of London was turfed out even before the Olympic Flag Handover in Beijing last year.
    Mayor Daley could really learn something in regards to Vancouver and Chicago that the Bidding mayors legacy in the Eyes of the citizens is that of being an idiot or a liar in regards to the games or usually both

  6. Let me get this straight… it’s a 5 – 6 year pain in the ass (construction, re-routes, traffic jams, etc.) for a 2 week party? Where only a few people benefit (i.e., union workers, food vendors, restaurant owners, retailers, hookers, etc.) for a relatively short time frame? Where, by all accounts, there’s no way in hell they won’t be tapping into taxpayer pockets when they most certainly go over budget? Where most of the buildings will likely sit empty for years after the Games have gone? In a city where they’re already hurting for money, cutting city jobs, and already screwing motorists by cutting a VERY bad parking meter deal?

    Exactly how is this a good scenario for any city?

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