Campaign To Stop The 2016 Olympics

Here are two PowerPoint presentations that explain what No Games Chicago was and what we did and why.

This sign was across the strret from the plaza where the winning city was announced. We kid you not!

This sign was across the steret from the plaza where the winning city was announced. We kid you not!

This section will archive the materials and links relating to the work of No Games Chicago to stop the 2016 Olympics from coming to Chicago.

We made some new friends in Copenhagen!

We made some new friends in Copenhagen!


10 responses to “Campaign To Stop The 2016 Olympics

  1. Matt Baranowski


  2. Matt Baranowski

    Well even though Chicago didn’t win. Chicago should run in the 2016 olympics. The reason i think Chicago lost is that Mayor Daley wanted to have all the events spread out around the 3 states(Ilionis,Indiana,Wisconsin)not just in Chicago. That is why they chose Chicago, NOT the Midwest. The wanted to have the biking in Wisconsin and other events in other states and it wouldnt be the Chicago olympics with the great scenery of Lake Michigan. The other thing i don’t think Chicago didn’t win was because President Obama did not back the bid as much as the other countries did. It as if he didn’t want the olympics in America. Obama went their for not even a day in Copenhageon and left right after his speach and didn’t even stay for the results. The other thing i dont think Chicago did’nt win was that we are in war with irag and Olympics are united with all countries partiscipating and with war war going on bettween us two, the IOC communittee did not like that. Well thats all i got. GO CHICAGO 2020 congrats Rio

  3. Hi – Your description of your group on your “About” link is way too short – it is just one sentence.

    You need to describe yourselves more, why you feel like you do. Otherwise you come across as a group of Contrarians.

    It would be helpful if you put together a list like “Ten Reasons Why We Do Not Want The Games In Chicago”.

    Now that the decision has been made, you are going to lose the momentum from your site -It’s a great name “No Games Chicago”, that could easily adapt to any future issue.

    No Olympic Games, and now No Political Games, No Financial Games, No Planning Games….Whatever kind of games there are, your site can be an umbrella to all of them.

  4. You come across as a bunch of “spoilers” who are only interested in themselves and their money. You are definately not a fun group and I wish you the same kind of luck that Chicago had in Copenhagen.

  5. I would like to shove a firework up your butt to every single member on this committee. You people are idiots. You put up a website against something that can be used as a weapon towards you. Think of the positive side of have the Olympics here in Chicago.

  6. You guys don’t respect the greatness of the game, your a joke. Just cuz you guys dont have any athletic ability doesnt mean you have to ruin others

  7. The whole f-ing Olympic movement is a bunch of elitists and the cities that compete are competing for the rights to suck graft. The Olympic Games are BULLS**T. They ought to be cancelled permanently. Who the hell cares! The whole Olympic Ideal is a load of BULLS**T! Great Job!

  8. f-yourself Pete McGurk!

  9. Ah you guys are the reson for no season? We even bought some domain names hoping to capitalize on the Olympics coming to Chicago.

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