30 Days To Go!

It’s 30 days to October 2, when the IOC will vote on which city will host the 2016 Olympics!

No Games Chicago is seeking 300 Champions to donate at least $30 so we can sprint to the finish!

300 donors in 30 days! We can do it!

Listen to No Games organizer, Tom Tresser, launch the campaign.

We’ve also launched a new website for “Clout Fest 2009” where you can share your creativity – upload videos, art work, text and audio with your impressions of the Olympic bid, Mayor Daley and clout in Chicago. We’ve already got a few entries to inspire you! The special web space is at http://nogames.pbworks.com.

Donate via the PayPal link on the upper right hand side of this site. You can mail contributions by sending a check made out “No Games Chicago” to P.O. Box 6815, Chicago IL 60680-6815. Donations are not tax deductible.

One of the first to reply was Bill S. who wrote:

“A check for $75.00 is in the mail.  I sincerely wish it could be more. Please keep the pressure on these filthy crooked bastards, especially the Daley Administration.  The level of corruption and deceit exhibited by many of our city officials is absolutely staggering! These individuals would sell their own mothers if a profit could be made.  They are nothing more than a bunch of political thugs and scam artists.  Have they already forgotten that Chicago is deep in the middle of a serious financial crisis? The individuals who have been promoting Chicago as the best site for the 2016 Olympics are the very same people who are responsible for seriously mismanaging or squandering our limited resources.  This fact alone should be of grave concern to the IOC Evaluation Commission.  If the games are awarded to Chicago, the inevitable boycotts will be remarkable to say the least and nobody will be able to claim that they were not forewarned.  The Olympic Games are a special “once in a lifetime” event for most athletes.  They deserve so much more than a venue tainted with unrelenting controversy and shameful political scheming.  I hope the IOC thinks so too and makes an informed decision.
I give my personal thanks to everyone who has fought hard to end this Olympic sized charade.  You are the true champions in my view and your selfless efforts will be an example to others. Thank Again.”
Bill, you’re welcome! Come on, Chicago – please support No Games Chicago as we sprint to the finish of the Olympic Scam!

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