Chicago 2016

potholeONE YEAR AFTER THE DECISIONWatch the 30-minute documentary produced by ex-2016 branding chief that aired on NBC Chicago.

Chicago 2016
IOC Evaluation Report released 9-1-09.

2016 Stewardship Report released – they’ve raised and spent a ton!

Mayor Daley’s comments as he departs for Copenhagen

Northwest Indiana Times – “Olympics more about dollars than sense” – “I hope Chicago doesn’t get the 2016 Olympics because they’re too expensive, too political, too greedy, too ruthless and the world will still hate us, win, lose or draw”

Huffington Post – “Olympic guarantee you can count on” (Displacement, gentrification, greed)

Chicago Tribune – “Sorting out bid’s true cost

Chicago Tribune – “Member of Chicago’s bid team has deal to develop land” near Olympic venue site

ABC News covers the 2016 community forums where skeptics pepper the bid leaders with tough questions.

Chicago Tribune business reporter, “At Olympics forums, truth is a high hurdle

AP – Chicago Inspector General calls for more transparency in bid – Chicago plagued with corruption

NBC News Chicago – Tennis venue in Lincoln Park despite objections

Crain’s Chicago Business – “Park District releases new Olympic details” – If you believe ANYTHING Tim Mitchell says, then we’ve got a bridge to sell you…

Chicago Tribune – “Chicago school board president urges schools to push Olympic bid

The Olympic Evaluation Committee visited Chicago from April 2 to April 8. No Games Chicago requested and got a meeting with this group! Read our letter = letter_to_ioc (pdf file)

New York Times – “Chicago 2016 offers a compact games plan

Crain’s Chicago Business – “Chicago’s Olympic dreams live, but woes await

Tribune – “IOC Commission tours potential sites”

Tribune – “2016 Olympics would restrict lakefront” – Folks, it’s a giant land grab…

Sun-Times – Daley’s biggest game – All or nothing”

Chicago Reader – Letter to the IOC: Why You Don’t Want to Give the Olympics to Chicago”

Sun-Times – “Cost of 2016 Olympics would be $4.8 billion” — waaaay under-estimated!

Crain’s Chicago Business researched the question, “What would the Olympics bring to Chicago” is this 2006 article.

CBS News Chicago – “Chicago Olympic bid slips to last place”

Medill News Service – “Olympics 2016: Cementing Chicago’s future, or steamrollering its history?”

Sun-Times Sports  columnist Rick Telander asks – “Is 5-ring Olmpic circus worth it for Chicago?” He doubts it.

Crain’s Chicago Business – “Costs of staging Olympics rise while potential benefits to city decline” (Word file)


Citizens say "No!" to being taxed for the Olympics!

Citizens say "No!" to being taxed for the Olympics!


Tribune poll: Support for Chicago Olympics tempered by opposition to using taxes for GamesOver 100 comments!

Chicago 2016 expects greater scrutiny of Olympic Village proposal

John Kass – Don’t look too closely at Daley’s Olympic planOver 120 comments!

Governor Quinn will do “whatever is necessary” to get the Olympics

Chicago 2009 budget already $50 million in the hole (and it’s only the beginning of February!)

London stadium costs soar $110 million pounds to new total of $547 million pounds

Olympic bid hidden from public view

Letter to editor – “Mr. President, Please preserve our lakefront

Aldermen introduce Olympic benefits ordinance

The Olympic Hustle –

Chicago, Say No to the Olympics! –

Chicago and the Olympics: Pushing the Poor Out of House and Home –

Will the Games Displace Their Games? –

Chicago 2016: Who Owns the Conversation? –

Magic Beans –

Guns, Graft and Greed: Picking Chicago’s Pockets with the Olympics –

Chicago’s 2016 Olympic Bid. The Hype and the Nitty Gritty –

Chicago’s Olympic Bid Stokes Gentrification Fears –

Long-Term Value of 2016 Olympics for Chicago Questioned by DePaul University Researchers –

More Olympic Games -Barak Obama supports Mayor Daley’s 2016 bid at his own risk –

Civil rights violations ahead –


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