September 29 Rally

Unfortunately, the city will be CUTTING public library hours in 2010.

Unfortunately, the city will be CUTTING public library hours in 2010.

We want better schools, clinics, trains and housing!

We want better schools, clinics, trains and housing!

Here are resources for our PROTEST THE BID! RALLY on Tuesday, September 29.

RSVP via Facebook.

If you would like to volunteer for this event, help with turn out or bring your organization – please contact us at!

Download, print out, duplicate and distribute:

Full page flier (all PDF files)

2-up, half-page flier

4-up, quarter-page flier

Download and print out fliers – WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY!”

The September 29 Rally is endorsed by: No Games Chicago,  Southside Together Organizing for Power (STOP), Answer Chicago, Caucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE), International Socialist Organization, Northside Action for Justice, Green Party Chicago, Pan-African Roots,  March 10 Committee, Pilsen Alliance, IVI-IPO.


4 responses to “September 29 Rally

  1. I’ll be there and I sure hope many others will be there, too. I heard the head of this movement on XRT this (early) morning and I thought his comments were fluid, substantial, and dead-on accurate.

    More Chicagoans should really wake up. Mayor Daley and his gang of thieves is about to go global with their idiocracy and corruption. Let’s say enough is enough….Patrick Sullivan

  2. Rob-Life long Chicago resident

    If Czar Daley & his band of cronies really believe that they can manage the games in a cost effective manner then Billionaire Pat Ryan should backstop the bid with a personal guarantee. Why would you do that when you can roll the dice with the public’s money?
    Chicago faces a number of issues that should be addressed-crumbling infastructure, at best a mediocre public school system, significant noise pollution from the El-to name a few.
    Stop the bread & circuses!

  3. I hope that the members of the Olympic Committee choose the host city based on the merits. Unfortunately it seems as if politicks are intertwined in the IOC too. I do feel that the support or opposition is an important factor but how much it really matters remain to be seen.

  4. In just 72 hours Chicago will be the newest Olympic city and all of you nay-saying whiners will move on the next thing to protest and whine about! People like you are NEVER happy and insist on making everyone else miserable along with you.

    Please stand aside and make room for progress.

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