Silent Civic Groups

Gapers Block political writer (and No Games co-founder) Ramsin Canon also wonders where all the oversight went to

Note – this page was created on February 8, 2009 but was not published until September 3 out of a naive hope that some of these organizations would find their spines and do what they say they were created to do. But now, with less than 30 days to Decision Day in Copenhagen, it’s clear that NO ONE IS WATCHING THE STORE.


Chicago has many long standing good government, environmental, human rights and community economic development organizations. They are supported by public grants and enjoy tax exempt status. Why have they been silent or supportive of the Olympics? If they have done a study showing the benefits they think the games would bring to the city, demand that they publish and defend those studies.

Perhaps you would like to call these organizations and ask them where they stand on the Olympics:

OpenLands Chicago – Joyce O’Keefe, Deputy Director – 312-863-6263,

The Sierra Club Chicago – Christine Williamson, Chapter president – 773-935-8439,

Chicago Commons – Daniel Valliere, Executive Director – 773-638-5600,

The Urban League – Cheryle R. Jackson, President & CEO – 773-451-3501,

The Heartland Alliance – Dr. Sid Mohn, President – 312- 660-1300,

Chicago Rehab Network – Kevin Jackson, Executive Director – 312-663-3936,

Better Government Association – Jay Stewart, Executive Director – 312-427-8330,

Metropolitan Planning Council – Mary Sue Barrett, President – 312-863-6001,

The Civic Federation – Laurence Msall, President – 312-201-9066,

Landmarks Illinois – Lisa DiChiera, Advocacy Director – 312-922-1742,

If they think the Olympics are good for Chicago, let them say so and prove it. Did they produce a study to inform their decision. If so, ask that it be published and shared.

If you know of any organizations that SHOULD be speaking up about the Olympics, but who have remianed silent – send us their contact information [name of organization, web address, name of person & title, phone number, email address] and we’ll publish it here.



2 responses to “Silent Civic Groups

  1. Well, as we already know, and very predictably for their organization, Larry Msall and the Civic Federation gave a gushing thumbs up. Kevin Jackson and Chicago Rehab Network were sucked into the black hole of Chicago 2016’s questionable “Outreach Advisory Council” for unspecified remuneration, as was Cheryle Jackson of the Chicago Urban League.

    See or more details.

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