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79% Say “NO!” to the Olympics


79% of the 16,266 people who voted in the Chicago Tribune on line poll said “NO!’ to the 2016 Olympics.

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Chicago says “NO!” to paying for the Olympics

Citizens say "No!" to being taxed for the Olympics!

Citizens say "No!" to being taxed for the Olympics!

The Chicago Tribune released the result of a poll it commissioned saying that 75% of people surveyed do not want taxes to go support the Olympics coming to or operating in Chicago.

What’s your opinion?

Tribune poll: Support for Chicago Olympics tempered by opposition to using taxes for GamesOver 100 comments!

In a separate story in the business section, the Tribune raises questions about the financial viability of the Olympic Village construction project.

Chicago 2016 expects greater scrutiny of Olympic Village proposal

How Would You Use $730 Million to Improve Chicago?ou

A few hundred million here, a few hundred million there. It adds up. $730 million is how much the city is committed to spending on the Olympics THAT WE KNOW OF.

How would spend $730 million to improve Chicago? VOTE ON THIS POLL BY CLICKING THE IMAGE.


Poll Answers

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