Media Check-In

Meda contacts – please call Tom Tresser, 312-804-3230, tom at tresser dot com, Skype = tom.tresser

Press Releases and support material (PDF files)

  • Materials taken to Copenhagen:

Press release announcing No Games Chicago presence in Copenhagen
Cover letter to the IOC.
Chicago Tribune Sept 3 09 Olympic opposition getting second wind as support in Chicago fades
Chicago Tribune July 31 09 Chicago official predicts even worse budget problems in 2010
Chicago Tribune Sept 19 09 Letter to Editor League of Women Voters of Chicago opposes Chicago 2016
Front of color postcard showing results of Tribune poll. Back of color postcard showing results of Tribune poll.
“State of Corruption – A history of insatiable greed” from the Chicago Tribune, February 15, 2009.

For copies of material relating to the Chicago 2016 bid, including enabling ordinances and Memo of Understanding with Chicago community groups, visit this page.

For material relating to the Olympic industry, including the Olympic Charter and copies of the Host City Contract, visit this page.


One response to “Media Check-In

  1. You guys are like terroists. You are stopping a great gift from happening to our city and killing opputunities in the process.

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