IOC Says “No Games” To Chicago – What Now?

Chicago has not been awarded the 2016 Olympics. No Games Chicago thinks this is a very good decision for the people of Chicago. But what happens now? The mayor has been quoted as saying he has “nothing up his sleeve” with regards to economic development for the future of the city. Representatives of the 2016 Committee said on many occasions at public meetings that this was THE plan for jobs and prosperity for our future. There appears to be no Plan B. Read No Games co-founder Bob Quellos essay, “When Losing is Really Winning” on why we lost the bid.

What now?

No Games Chicago helped turn back a bad plan for our future. Should we stay around to help build a better plan?

Please answer the questions on our brief survey to tell us what role, if any, a group like our might play in helping to create a city where all prosper in health and security.

What ideas do YOU have for our city’s future economic development?

Lastly, we ask you to share your contact information with us so we might work together to make that vision become a reality.


Coverage of the decision



9 responses to “IOC Says “No Games” To Chicago – What Now?

  1. Good Job, I salute your efforts, and that of the Uptown liberation army and Chicagoan for Rio for stopping this scam. Now maybe Valery Jarret, Daley and the rest of these fools will figure out something better then scamming money using Fed funds via Acorn to buy all these areas and having them destroy for a pipe dream, that never came.

    Chicago is too great of a town for for this crap. Vote that Al Capone Style Government out people!

  2. Will all the naysayers and people who worked so hard on NOT having the Olympic games come to Chicago, now show up and volunteer at any of the Greater Chicago Boys and Girls Clubs, Save Our Parks clean up drives or Chicago Public Schools as volunteers. Didn’t think so

  3. Mayor Daly: Two words from the rest of the world: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.

  4. Susan Jendrezak

    Congrats to No Games and thank you for all the hard work you put into fighting for the rights of the average citizen and getting the truth to the IOC. Now that we’ve dodged the Olympic bullet … whew … how about taking on Mayor Daley and all his TIF Districts? The City budget deficit is just about equal to the amount of tax dollars being siphoned off for Daley’s pet projects via TIFs. Everyone knows that our aldermen won’t stand up to the mayor, so we the people need to do it!

  5. How is public transportation going to get solved and the cities deficit problem turned around now that there will be no Olympic money? The city has already sold most of the services that they actually made money on, without the Olympics they are screwed. I hope you will be happy with your higher taxes and less social programs no games chicago! great job.

  6. Your a group based on negativity . I say No to such organizations.

  7. Hang in there Chicago…I mean it will be alright. I mean one only has to look at Atlanta, Los Angeles and Salt Lake city to see that the Olympics never really have an impact as much as they hype it to be. But let me also say for those who put so much effort into not getting the games in Chicago you guys better produce and show some initiative to fix the city. If not your groups will face a HUGE backlash and your credibility will be destroyed.

  8. Thank you no olympics chicago for your dedication for not bringing the games here..most of the people who wanted the games don’t look at the olympics anyway..tell Daley to spend the money on fixing these huge potholes in our black neighborhoods…..

  9. You IDIOTS! No Games Chicago did nothing, but sit on their rear ends and say “I don’t want the Olympics here because of taxes”. Chicago lost because of the IOC members who came from Asia wanted to give Tokyo support.

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