We Don’t Want to Say “We Told You” But…

Just replace “If” with “When.” No Games has been saying for six months, “They Play. We’ll Pay.”  Chicago, are you ready join the No Games Coalition? Sign up for our Constant Contact emailnewsletter and you’ll be on your way…

Local coverage:

Daley’s Costly Genuflection to The Olympic Overseers
An Olympic Accounting
Transcript of blathering, feckless Aldermen from “Chicago Tonight” – pathetic
Rick Telander – “A bidder pill to swallow” – “They will take your money, people.”
– Ray Hanania – “Protest in Switzerland stuns Olympic group”


2 responses to “We Don’t Want to Say “We Told You” But…

  1. Patrick Sullivan

    How do we stop this madness? How do we convince the IOC that Chicago doesn’t deserve or WANT the Olympics? How do we convince Chicago that it doesn’t WANT a DALEY as Mayor anymore? How do we stop the insanity?

  2. No Games Chicago should make available the e mail address of the IOC. maybe you have already,but if enough people contact them and let them know about the lack of support for this mess, it may do some good!

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